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Mermaids/Mermens Empty Mermaids/Mermens

Post by Kate on Thu May 22, 2014 1:00 pm

Mermaids/Mermens Arte_d10
Mermaids are believed to be the result of a few Dafurai having a little fun. However the actual result of them breeding and becoming their own race is believed to have been an accident. Mermaids are widely accepted as the most beautiful race on Tedranog though interestingly enough among their own race Mermaids judge beauty off of the fish like tail that replaces legs. As such comments on a Mermaids tail are taken far more seriously than most people would have thought. In Tedranog the word angel when used in a phrase such as you look as pretty as an angel is replaced with the word mermaid.

Mermaids quit literally rule the sea. Their lungs allow them to breath water and can stay underwater forever. In fact their body has become heavily dependent upon the water. They also emit an electric field and can see their surroundings based on the disturbances of the field. This is ineffective on land with the exception of places which hold a very high amount of moister in the air. They are the only race that dwells in the water allowing them to monopolize that space and being in the ocean that's a lot of space. However there aren't as many Mermaids in the sea as people think. Just like on land there are different climates in the sea. It can't be too cold and the currents can't be too strong. They also have to stick to where the food is.

Mermaids enjoy life in the water as they were made for it however if they wish they can innately split their tail and form legs to travel on land. There are just a few draw backs. First off they have to stay completely dry. Just a drop of water will cause their legs to revert back into a tail. Second their body dehydrates far quicker. Their skin is use to being in contact with water at all times and has become reliant upon it. To counter act this they can drink lots of water which will not cause their tail to revert. Their skin also holds more water than the other races making their skin smoother and softer. Even their tails are smooth and soft one might even say slippery. Also they are highly resistant to cold due to their cold underwater habitat. On the flip side of things they are very sensitive to heat. 

Due to their beauty and rarity Mermaids and Mermen are highly prized on the surface world. While they consider the attention nice the Mer peeps find it annoying after awhile which leads to them wanting to poke their head out on the surface less. 

Mermaids home are created out of coral or other hard materials produced naturally in the ocean. Their bed are made of soft plant material. Mer peeps who have been to the surface often describe the beds as the worst part about it. No matter how soft they are it doesn't compare to a soft plant bed in the ocean. The Mer committees or villages are rather small, as ocean life just doesn't allow to many Mer people to live in one area. As such committees tend to be very tight nit and close.


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