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Anubis, God of the Afterlife

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Anubis, God of the Afterlife

Post by Pinky_Rose on Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:13 pm

Name: Anubis
(known also as: "God of the Afterlife", "Judge of the Dead",  "The Great Embalmer", or the "Jackal-Headed God of the Nile.")

SpeciesGod (Egyptian)

(Jackal Form: 6' 8")
(Human Form: 5' 10")
Weight:  Fluctuating
Build: Varies

Physical description: 

While it is true that Anubis, a creature most would consider a god, could transform his appearance at will to suit himself, he tends to stick to two main forms that both fit a purpose...and his personalities. A great way to identify Anubis is with the scar upon his left eye, left by his father, Set.

On the one hand, he can take the form of a normal, human male--typically this is the guise he chooses when walking around the realms without wishing to make his presence known. This 'body' tends to yield various means of clothing, but holds true to bleached hair, violet eyes,  muscular tone, and darkened skin. He also tends to don traditional eyeliner, and ample amounts of jewelry, as a mark of his pedigree.

...I'm aware that's Bakura, shut up.

But the true majesty of Anubis can be held in his real form: a creature that is half-man, half-jackal, and all, pure God.  Anubis's body is tall, muscular, and covered in thick, short, black fur. His head is that of his anoted animal, with long, pointed ears, several canine features, and a set of sharp, feral fangs.  The god's eyes glitter a ferocious, firm, and frightening color of brilliant amber. Both his hands and feet seem to bear the same. Anubis comes fully decked in the garbs of a high-ranking member of the royal family, dressed in fine gold , well-furnished in silk, and glittering with jade. He holds in one hand the Scales of Ma'at, and in the other, the Spear of M'ta.

AgeUndisclosed: though introduced in human civilization around the time of 440 BC

The mighty Anubis is a cool, level-headed persona, with little to no attachments to the normal world. Often, he is a silent observer of things going on in the world around him, and when he speaks, it is only because it is needed. The godling is aloft, and very distant from both the feelings and affairs of others unless it influences the Dead, or if the individual is dead themselves. The God of the Afterlife keeps to himself, and lives in solitude, most of the time he travels from place to place--rarely in contact with anybody but those he considers his close companions. Despite his actions however, he is an extremely loyal individual to the rare people he befriends. Anubis is polite, and knows his place when it comes to important individuals.

He is not usually the merciful type when it comes to battle or war itself. From time to time, Anubis has shown acts of mercy against his enemies, and occasionally has pity on those he slays--especially those that are weaker than him. He is not particularly keen on CAUSING deaths, but once the spirit has passed into the realm of the dead, the God will treat them with great respect, and even go as far as embalming the bodies of those he has taken out. 
In another side of the coin, Anubis's feral, bloodlusting side may emerge when he or someone he cares for is threatened--however, the god does not abandon his brilliant mind when it comes to choosing to become bestial--he instead sharpens and reforges it. Because of this, the Nile God is not one to wisely pick a fight with...many who begin with a challenge to him, more often than not end up in his care.

Anubis is considered very bright, with vocabulary that is quite advanced, used to berate and toy with his enemies. Figuresque of a rogue, he can be helping someone one minute, and then abandoning them in a heartbeat. He is very strong-willed, and does whatever is in his means in order to accomplish his duties or desires. Anubis is a person with high abilities of reason and logic. He always appears to have a plan before ever going into action, strategizing with pieces of information he or his allies have collected.

Good Qualities: It also appears Anubis has had copious amounts of time and bonding with his chosen weapons, as he uses them both with highly admirable skill. He is highly acrobatic. He is somewhat of a strategist, for he can devise and plot unlike any other. Anubis is very thoughtful, quick-minded, vigilant, and quite strong. He is very good at blending into many different environments, and uses this to his advantage in order to plan his next move. He can be kind, to those who have become close to him, and has a soft spot for the dead, or those about to pass.

Bad Qualities: He also doesn't like to fight in areas that he is unfamiliar with, or against people whose techniques he hasn't seen or studied. The god doesn't typically fall for mortals, but the right one will easily distract his train of thought. Confrontations are weaknesses of Anubis, as he prefers not to be in them, preferring to work to protect the dead from the sidelines. People who are too self-righteous annoy him, as well as those who are cocky, or cause chaos simply for the sake of personal gain. He is particularly touchy about the dead...as well as either one of his fathers.
He often comes off as arrogant, cold, and extremely distant to those who don't know him very well--which is nearly everybody.

AlignmentPure Law

Weapon: Scales of Judgment | M'ta

The Judge's Scales, though typically purposed for weighing the hearts of the deceased, double as a weapon--and quite a heavy one at that. The Feather of Truth is one of the many manifestations of Ma'at--the Egyptian embodiment of Order in the omniverse--and it is quite a weight to carry. Because of this, being struck with these scales may very well feel akin to being hit by a fully loaded 18-wheeler truck.

On the other hand, the spear of M'ta is nothing to be trifled with. An impressively decorated weapon, this magical artifact can be thrown to terrifying speeds, as well as conjure various spells to aid Anubis should the need arise. The weapon immediately returns to the god's hand should he toss it, although it takes a moment for it to dissipate into light and travel back to its owner.

Do not let the golden sheen of these artifacts fool you; they are durable...and dangerous.

Physical Attack: 8/10 (Damage of physical strikes)
Physical Defense: 3/10 (Damage taken from physical strikes)
Magical Attack: 9/10 (Damage of magical attacks, as well as the potency of effects)
Magical Defense: 9/10 (Damage taken from magical attacks, as well as stamina from effects)
Speed: 8/10 (Movement Speed)
Luck/Agility: 8/10  (Dodging capabilities)
Stamina: 2/10 (Recovery speed from attacks. Takes into consideration the durability and ability of the character when critically injured, or in critical health.)

Combat Style:
Anubis is not a being that wishes for combat, or even enjoys it, but he is certainly not a stranger to it. He is a jack of most trades--skilled a magical and physical attacking, dodging, and evasive methods--but his defenses are sorely lacking, meaning a strike against him would do great damage indeed.

Although not as cunning as Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom, Anubis is no fool; he meticulously plans out his means of attack and defense, ensuring that his enemies never get the chance to ever deal a blow to him to begin with. The Jackal-Headed god is not afraid to get his hands dirty by any means, and can just as easily be feral with bloodlust in a physical brawl as he can be cool and calm, raining down magical hell upon his enemies.


Godly Gaze: Anubis can see the exact date, time, and method that a mortal individual might die, for plot purposes. This does not work on other gods, or beings ranked higher than God.

Portal to the Underworld: Anubis can call upon the spirits of the dead, and speak to them, for plot purposes.

Judge: Anubis may place the heart of any being, mortal or immortal, upon the Scale of Ma'at, seeing the individual's alignments, for plot purposes. 
Side effects of being under this influence include: Feeling icy, dizziness, sickness, headaches, upset stomach, vertigo, and violent shaking. 

Transfigure: Anubis may transform an NPC, player (with permission) or object into something else (must be the same level of power--IE: he cannot improve upon characters abilities, EX: Anubis transforms Riley into a rabbit, however, he still has all of his abilities and the same strength, etc. All that has happened is that his physical form has been VISIBLY shifted. Sparks/energy/ect will remain the same)--For Plot Purposes.

Deathgaze: Anubis focuses his godly power into a piercing beam of eerie teal light, dealing extremely heavy damage to multiple foes that cross into it.

Call the Dead: Anubis can call upon the corpses of the dead from beneath the ground, which can both deal heavy damage and root a series of enemies in its radius.

Mummify: Anubis wraps foes in linen cloth, keeping them from taking any actions the next turn. These bonds can be broken prematurely by a sharp object.

Pestilence: Anubis calls forth a plague of vermin from his mouth in a cone, causing enemies to take heavy damage, as well as become panicked.

Pillar of Agony: Anubis calls to all enemy souls nearby, sucking them into a swirling vortex, and damaging them for medium damage for every second they are trapped. This ability freezes Anubis in place, and lasts for two posts.

Death from Below: Anubis travels through the earth, popping back up and damaging all foes in his immediate range for heavy damage.

To many, the gods are timeless. They can be jealous, spiteful, selfish, and cruel...but Anubis is not one of them.

Sekbeht, wife of the God of Chaos Set, desired a child...however, her husband was infertile. Disguising herself as Osiris's wife, Isis--the goddess of magic--Sekbeht seduced the God-King, and thus of that conquest came Anubis.
However, despite the infidelity, both Isis and Osiris came to love the boy, and raised him as their very own. Anubis learned the ways of the King, though by blood he was an outcast and a bastard...Through all of his adversity, he was a gentle, wise creature.

But love would come at such a price.
Set became jealous of his brother Osiris, and tricked the ruler of the heavens, locking him away in a casket and chopping his body into many different pieces. Isis went on a journey, to gather the parts of her husband and sew them back together, but it was Anubis who embalmed and mummified his adopted father's corpse, so that it would not rot.
In this, he became known as the Great Embalmer, and chose to ferry the dead.

In the final conflict between the forces of Ma'at and the forces of Sek'at, Anubis chose to fight for the man who had given him the life he had now, and pledged the forces of the undead to Osiris's cause. Set had other plans, reviving the dreaded serpent, Apep, and unleashing chaos into the living world as the monster attempted to swallow the Sun-King, Ra. However, the gods of the Nile foiled this plot, as Anhur, Sobek, and Bastet slew the beast while Isis, Anubis, and Neith stopped Set in his attempted escape. For his treachery, Set granted his son a scar on his left eye, to remind him of his father's loathing for him...though it was a small price compared to that of Osiris himself; he was unable to return to the Heavens...for he was dead, and had to remain so.

Anubis so loved his false father that he gave up his own throne so that Osiris might have some domain to rule over. And so akin to the fabled Grim Reaper, the Jackal-Headed God of the Nile appears to those fated soon for departure into the land of the Underworld...for so mysterious and ever-changing is this realm, that no one being--not even the gods themselves--can fully understand it.

These days, those who wish to pass through into the afterlife of the Egyptian lore must only ask, and Anubis will appear. It is said he once held the power to halt the process of being reborn--for in his hands, he holds the scales of Ma'at: the force of Order. The heart of the dead, placed on the scales, balanced against the Feather of Truth, could not hold too great a weight against it...for if it did...they would forever be dragged into the deepest pits of the Underworld, never to return to the cycle of rebirth.

Anubis was known as the judge of the damned...but there is no knowing if the gods truly hold power over life...and life beyond it.

...and what business the Nile God has now in the world of the living, nobody can fathom.

"I can't stand people who RP characters, trying to become 'important' on a website. Honestly, none of us ever really...cared about being important. We weren't trying to. It just happened. For all of that 'importance', I really credit people who wrote interesting, sensible characters for that universe and just...interacted with others in the way they thought the characters would, both canon and oc. You can have a million posts, and still have a character that's bland and accomplished nothing.
A good character is created with a good foundation, good development...and most importantly, great interaction. Without one of those things, you'll never go anywhere."

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