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The Russian Method

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The Russian Method

Post by Dymitry Turncov on Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:20 pm

Russia, 11:24 PM, 15 miles outside of Tomsk

Dymitry pulled his hood down, lighting up a large cigar in his mouth. The tall Russian lifted his boot and firmly kicked an Amaranth in the face, knocking him down into the snow. He tasted the cigar before pulling a large desert eagle out of his jacket and pushing it against the side of it's head not so gently. He grinned a sinister grin and looked around at his comrades. Seven of them, not including Dymitry, each armed to the teeth, surrounded by dead bodies and three hostages. Amaranth like the one Dymitry had, tied up and severely beaten. Dymitry, like his comrades, were all wearing arctic ops gear to stay well hidden in the storm.

"Now, as you know. These supplies you were carrying are very important, which I am so grateful for. We could really use them. Do you know where we might find more?" The Amaranth spit on Dymitry. The Russian was none to impressed, so he pulled the trigger and blew the creatures skull open, covering his coat with blood. Standing to full height again Dymitry kicked the body away and one of his soldiers dragged it into a pile of four more, "Next."

Dymitry let two more of his men drag another towards him. This was his third shipment he had intersected in the region, in the past month. Each one more armed than the last. He did not know where they came from, but he wanted to oh so bad. He had a pile of c4 waiting for them. If this guy did not tell them anything they would steal what they could and burn the bodies. Get in fast, kill and do as much damage as you can and then get out. Dymitrys leadership has kept his camp alive and causing pain. However, they were alone. He got no response from the African front yet.

He took another drag of his cigar and he stared at the bloody bastard on his knees in front of him. "One more time. Tell us where all this is coming from." The amaranth said nothing, so Dymitry put his gun away. "Let him loose." One man walked over and cut his bonds, as the Amaranth stood up Dymitry punched it straight in the jaw. The thing was bigger than Dymitry, but Dymitry was pissed and all his soldiers stood there and watched silently as their human commander beat the life out of the vile creature until he suddenly stopped when it stopped breathing. When that happened, the soldiers slit the throats of everyone remaining alive.

"Burn them. We move out in 3 minutes."
Dymitry Turncov

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