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War of The Gods

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War of The Gods

Post by Solomon Black on Thu Jun 05, 2014 5:45 pm

A planet desolate and destroyed. Corroded over 200, 000 years of time, but somehow untouched. Shattered at it's very core, killing everything that every lived or could ever live upon this world. This world was broken and by every rule of the universe it should have fallen apart and be no more but yet it remains like a scar upon the world. Like some unknown force held it together. The impossible planet, and the only thing that could be what Solomon was looking for. Him leaving left a scar upon Assalia, but this... this is where James found himself lost in time. Destroying an entire planet and an entire people by accident.

The Mercenary floated silently towards the planet, crystal in hand. He could feel the energy from this place, or rather lack there of. Everything here was dead, untouched by time. He moved towards on of the largest pieces and landed upon it, dust parting ever so slightly as he touched upon the world. It was a momentous ruin, and the silences was deafening. Solomon looked around at the dead planet he now stood upon. Emotions flooded to him, what if he had tried what James did. What if they both did this? If they had been stronger could this have been Assalia instead of just Midland?

He kept his demeanor strong but inside Solomon was sad. His will was not wavered however, and he wanted James back more than ever. It was just sudden to actually see what he had caused. He peered into the crystal and knew where to go now, needing it no long. He put it away, if it would ever have another use. Solomon began to walk, a pilgrimage to the center of this world. The earth beneath him parted, a staircase formed as he walked deeper and deeper. Soon he would get James, and then Silver and with Surina maybe they could all be happy even if only for a hundred years or so.

After a few hours of walking, with the only noise to accompany him being his footsteps bringing him deeper and deeper and deeper. Eventually the earth parted and before him... was nothing. Just the center. A huge hole where the center of this world should have been, but now was nothing. The point zero of the explosion. The epicenter of this planets death. Solomon stepped out and new immediately where to go. He floated slowly towards the center, hand reached out.

Upon reaching the center, he knew not what to do, but the Omniverse did. The was a beat, like the heart beat of the universe. It rippled throughout all of existence, being felt and heard by all, everyone. In all pocket dimensions, Sitas, and even by the big three themselves. Then boom. Solomon's body was incinerated, disintegrated and so was the planet. The explosion of energy was immense and if Solomon could have died it would have killed him. When the energy blast was past, all that remained was Solomon, body newly formed, and a large tear in space. On the other side was black.

From this tear stepped a single being, standing easily forty feet tall but clearly human. It was extremely well built, wearing no shirt, but a solid red coat and black pants. It stared at Solomon with electric blue eyes and its stark white hair was one of many things that made it stand out from every other person. It was James White, the only  other being like Solomon and he was freed. "Sully, you pulled through and saved me... not bad." James smiled and stretched as if he had been sleeping for way to long. Solomon stared at James for a few seconds before replying.

"I came as soon as I could. I looked for fifteen hundred years to save you." Solomon said coldly.

James laughed, his deep voice booming through space. Suddenly he stopped, "That's funny. I was waiting for two hundred thousand, but it's OK. I made some new friends, I hope you don't mind if they come also." His electric blue eyes slowly dimmed, darkened and turned black, his arms outstretched. From the tear came things, long ago banished and locked away in a place even Solomon cannot go. The Dark Gods, Dalnigaril.

"Now that you let us go, we can conquer this world and put someone new in charge. Me."

I am Human, not God. However, I may as well be.
Solomon Black

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Re: War of The Gods

Post by Cain on Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:08 pm

If it came down to describing the Omniverse to a person not familiar with the concept, and Cain was the one charged with explaining it he would use one word: silent. The Omniverse usually never moved while he watched it, it's stillness overwhelming to most. Even some Gods lacked enough patience to simply monitor situations as he did. Sure, usually these same gods where the ones that were technically violating the Basic Order in a lot of their own regions, but he hardly minded it. Masking oneself as a mortal to interact with them was hardly an issue.

So aside from the flaccid concern that rolled around his mind passively, Cain simply waited as he always had, making sure the things in his region were kept in order. He thought about existence and contemplated his own, coming to the same conclusions time and time again. After nearly one-hundred-thousand years he was finally beginning to realize that this was not healthy. He kept reaffirming his believes to himself, yet there was no one to contest them. How annoying. Even as a being with such a great mind relying on at least one other with equivalent capacity. Mortals agreed and disagreed far too quickly for his liking. They judged the surface of of a thought, not what would lay behind it.

It was during this reflective period that Cain felt a tremor, and his muscles tightened. The God's body was reflexively responding to a new threat that it was detecting, and suddenly the quite expanse was overcoming with what could be described as the screams of the Core. Not even a moment had passed when a familiar sensation was relayed. Urgent, curious and cocky it could only be one other entity.

You felt that, right? Language held no benefit for the Gods. They spoke through all kinds of different mechanisms, but words or other external processes were slow and clunky. This communication used high and indescribable emotions for communication that was instant.

I did.

I'll see you in Assalia.

In an instant, they were both there, standing on either side of Solomon. Cain in his usual attire, and Ryuu, the Dragonbane. Ryuu was very short compared to Cain standing at only five feet and seven inches in height, he didn't have nearly the same kind of imposing presence as Cain. Why would he have had one? Ryuu was busy with his own half of the Omniverse, he felt that it required a different tactic. Cain's philosophy was distance, while Ryuu's was closeness. He disguised himself as a mortal and helped other mortals out. With his mighty sword Dragonbane laid upon his side and exposed upper body.

His upper half was quite muscular. His abs, pecs, and indeed other relevant muscles were defined well without being grotesque, his skin a darker shade and his slanting eyes staring excitedly and viciously at the scene that played out before him. This was in direct contrast with Cain, who once more appeared stoic and largely uninterested, though he was indeed very concerned. 

He would place a hand on Solomon's shoulder, and then he and Solomon would be gone from the scene. Ryuu had decided to force these beings out of Assalia, and elected to fight them in the Void by his lonesome. A spin of the freshly unsheathed Dragonbane, and Ryuu would begin. His battle.

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Re: War of The Gods

Post by Solomon Black on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:51 pm

Solomon was caught off guard. He was so obsessed with bringing James back, part of him couldn't have imagined this. James was too strong, too stubborn to ever have fallen to the wrong side... right? Then again, after over two hundred thousand years who knows what could have happened. Before he could react in any real way, Cain showed up with another and Cain took a hold of Solomon and left, Solomon too stunned to really put up a fight.

James on the other hand, was enraged that the two would show up and steal away Solomon. He roared as Solomon and Cain dissapeared and manifested a great blade in his arm, the width of him and even longer than he was tall. Clearly angered veins of black pulsed through his body and he rushed forward at Ryuu, who simply moved them to the Void. James took a quick look at his surroundings and composed himself. Running a hand through his hair he looked at Ryuu and smiled when he saw the blade.

"I remember you, and you friend Cain." His black eye's were wide with madness, and he licked his lips."Also if I remember correctly, I watched you two die." With that he pointed his blade at Ryuu and called to the Army of Dark Gods that he controlled and they rushed at him like a wave of hatred and darkness. "Let's Kill them again!"

I am Human, not God. However, I may as well be.
Solomon Black

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Re: War of The Gods

Post by Sponsored content

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