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Hamu Wolf-Blessed

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Hamu Wolf-Blessed

Post by Okami on Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:05 am

External Characteristics

Name: Hamu Wolfheart, Hamu, Hamu the Wolf-Blessed, Dracokami, Princess Wolfheart, Alpha

Species: Okamimimi-Dragon hybrid

Appearance: Hamu has two different forms. Her first form is her normal form, in which she has beautiful pure black hair and white ears and tail. She also has a pair of black-and-silverfish dragon wings on her back. She is quite an attractive young lady wen she's in this form, and she usually likes to retain in this form. Her height is around five foot three to five foot period, and if provoked can make fangs and claws replace her teeth and fingernails. Her second form is which she takes on that of a wolf with dragonic wings, claws, and fangs. She also retains the color of her hair and tail in human form.

Age: 17

Statistics: Hamu is quite healthy, but has visible scars all over her body from when she got in a tangle with her fellow wolf dragons. She is a strong and sturdy female, with no signs of sickness or deformation.
*Skill levels include the following, listed from weakest to strongest: Weak, moderate, strong, and powerful.

  • Strength: Moderate
  • Speed: Strong
  • Agility: Powerful
  • Negotiation Skills: Weak

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Strong and independent, Hamu is famous for her wild spirit and free nature. More then often she is commented on her knowledge of the wilds, and is rightly so, for she is Alpha of the Moonside Wolf Pack. Since she is wild born she doesn't express any embarrassment if seen nude, but this is mainly because she choses to stay in her wolf-dragon form. She is bad at negotiations because she is young, and has often talked herself into many troubles. She won't ignore a challenge, and will often dive in headfirst with an arrogant glint. Despite this, she is humble in her own ways, you just have to really want to find those ways out if you want her to express gratitude to you. She may seem rough and arrogant, but she is a loyal pack member, and will help all of her pack-mates, no matter their rank.

Habits/Quirks: Hamu makes a habit of diving into things without thinking, and chooses to ignore the elders of the wolf pack. She also makes a habit of outrunning herself and pushing herself until she is on the brink of collapse.

Likes: Hamu loves to eat raw meat, mainly because of her dragonion/wolf heritage. Her favorite meat is deer meat, she finds it tasty and juicy. She also enjoys the thrill of the chase, and will often start fights for no apparent reason if they are outside of her own pack. She also loves the music of humans and other creatures, and likes the furs they make.

Dislikes: Hamu hates when peoples tell her what to do, and will often start inappropriate fights about it. She also dislikes humans to an extent, thinking that they are to formal, and she pretty much hates anything that has to do with formality except for the ranks within her pack.

Alignment: What is your character's Alignment?


Family: Kalic- Her father and previous alpha of the pack, he mated with a dragon against the pack rules, and he had been an Okamimimi, therefore giving birth to her, but was killed, therefore she became alpha. Aulais- Mother of Hamu, little is known about her. Aishin- Her younger brother, grew up to become beta, but was recently killed.

Friends: Her pack

Acquaintances: Her pack, plus some of the wild dragons and wolves

Associates: Wolves, dragons, and other species willing to work with her pack

Organizations: The Moonside Pack

History: Hamu's father was an Okamimimi, or Wolf person, who ruled the Moonside pack. He mated with a dragon, hoping to form a bond between their races, which it did. Hamu was praised a legend for uniting the packs and races and was destined for the role of Alpha female. When she was only twelve years old, her father passed away, and since her mother, an unknown fire dragon named Aulais, had abandoned her for her father, that left her to become alpha and her brother to become beta, since it was his birth right, after all.

After a while of ruling, her brother was killed when Hamu was sixteen, and she was now without any family except a distant uncle who lived within the pack. But by now she had made it clear she was not going to accept any orders from hi, or from anyone else, and was quickly acknowledged as an alpha no one wanted to mess with.

Abilities: Hamu has the ability to take on the form of either a wolf dragon or her human hybrid. Along with these she also has the power to breath fire, and replace her teeth and fingernails with fangs and claws. She can also fly thanks to her wings, and she has moderate skill level in the art of using a dagger. Some say she can use some forms of fire magic along with her breath attack, but no one knows if these are true or not.

Item: Hamu usually caries a medium sized dagger with her everywhere she goes.

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