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Drokvira: A Dragon RPG Empty Drokvira: A Dragon RPG

Post by Okami on Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:57 pm

Hello everyone! My name is Okami (Lol we all know you already knew that!), and I have come here to introduce my own forum, a majestic dragon roleplaying site that isn't quite finished. Just a few things I need to figure out. But other then that it's all ready to roll and for you to play around with if you wish! The topics are a bit out of place, but did that ever stop you? I don't think so! This is a brand new forum that needs members, so feel free to join!

  1. The game, as you heard above, is a dragon Roleplaying site. Dragons will be separated into four groups, Fire, Ice, Earth, and Water. There are countless numbers of tribes so your won't really be given a tribe name, only an element.
  2. Aging is also listed in the rules, so please go check that out.
  3. There is a strict hierarchy in this RP, consisting of ranks. In order NOT to be confused by the crappy rules I set up, please go to Tribal Ranks. This should sort things out.
  4. I am NOT a stereotype to make dragons hoard treasure or capture damsels. In fact, I despise any books that have such things. The ONLY reason this RP has gems involved is because I just really like agriculture and the concept of trading. I have no idea why.
  5. Dragons can have INFINETE breeds! So you could make up any breed you want. Now, breed does not mean race/element. This is influenced on what the dragon breaths.
  6. To further influence you, the highest rank in this world IS OPEN FOR THE TAKING! That means that I will not play as the Grand Master(Leader of all the dragons, kinda like Shardas), but there will be a big vote on who gets him! So if you want to play as a high ranking dragon, come over here!

That is all that I can currently tell you about the forum. Feel free to join my fellow dragons!

Here is the link for the forum, for those of you who are interested in it. I am not currently accepted Admins, but mods are appreciated: http://drokvira.forumotion.com/
I guess the only thing left to say is, have fun

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