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B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

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B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

Post by Artless_Artist on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:32 pm

Alright, so this is where plot will be stationed, and welcome back everyone who came back due to circumstances, and welcome back Riley; bet it was hell without a computer~
Anyhoo, so ideas going around the site is a comfortably sized site plot made to get everyone's gears back in order.

Okay, so while i am unsure of what exactly will happen, i would think it would be best to start in Radix since it is the proveribal melting pot of everything in the omniverse...and then some. Obviously we want to have a mid tier story going on...so maybe somebody had gotten their hands on something they shouldn't had?


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Re: B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:26 am

My opinion? Totally plausible.

It would give APAT a reason to be more active, and possibly even bring Radix's guardian (there is an Omega-Level Angel Guarding Radix) into a more active role, even for a little bit. Depending on the object, they could wind up being a legitimate threat. There wouldn't be a "key" to Radix or anything like that, but as stated before there is the distinct possibility for an object to disrupt that world on a fundamental level.

Also I like that plot because it would let me use Alexander <.<

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Re: B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

Post by Yzxstuhl on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:03 am

Return of the Godbox idea.

The Omicron Division works out/finds some schematics for a device that is capable of transforming any mortal into a god. The catch is that multiple materials need to be used, some of which only exist within certain dimensions. Furthermore, the device also has a huge side-effect; in order to transform a mortal into a god, an immense amount of energy is required, more than can be actually obtained normally by any group of mortals. To solve this problem, the device simply converts all form of matter within the dimension it is within when activated (temporarily excluding the activator themselves) into a form of energy it is capable of using for it's needs. It then essentially absorbs the entire dimension, using all the energy to modify and enhance the activator's Spark, typically connecting the Spark to the Core by 'plugging it in' where the dimension once existed; an appropriate analogy would be a lamp being unplugged from a wall socket, and a laptop being plugged into the same socket shortly after a new charging cord has been bought for it. Once completed, the activator would then be directly connected to the core, granting them godhood, Freedom, and immense powers.

It should be noted that once activated, the device can be stopped whilst it is converting matter; by preventing the energy from being used by the device or, at minimum, kept separate from the activator's Spark, the energy would eventually be released back into the dimension, potentially triggering a Big Bang event. However, the likelihood of the dimension being identical to how it was prior to the device's activation is highly unlikely, but still potentially possible, and the dimension is also more likely to end up as a Dead Dimension of pure energy. Furthermore, if the process is not prevented at a certain time, there could potentially be unconverted matter left over from prior to the device's activation, depending on how early the process is stopped. This material could prove detrimental when the process is stopped, as not only are the chances of a Big Bang event occurring severely diminished, (with the remaining matter becoming highly charged with energy, making any future habitation attempts futile,) but if a Big Bang event were to occur, it would be massively hindered by the remaining matter, to the point where the new dimension would likely be less than an uninhabited shadow of it's former self.

Anything I need to further develop upon?

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Re: B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

Post by Shirou on Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:15 am

Just to clarify, the Godbox is an object that makes you into a god at the cost of consuming an entire dimension, and to make it, you need to go on a scavenger hunt that spans time and space (or something like that), right?

I think the objects to create the Godbox should be more abstract than physical. Kind of like ritualistic stuff. For example, the story could start out on Radix. A religious house, such as a church or temple, is burned down and a religious item is taken. While it appears to be theft of that physical evidence and random vandalism, it's actually the act of destroying a certain place and taking something scared, while the actual item isn't worth anything.

Each task will be like that, though an item will be gained. Once all the tasks are complete, the person puts together the items, casts a spell or something, and the Godbox is created.

My two cents, at least.

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Re: B-Bring it Back (SITE PLOT TAKE II)

Post by Sponsored content

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