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The Infernal Architect

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The Infernal Architect

Post by Apex on Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:33 pm

Ezekiel "Zeikke" Kizeke


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Although Zeikke has some "fixed" traits like the lack of morals or the under-emotional perspective, he has the capacity to make his own personality. If he were to question someone he may do so, so even if he is similar to an AI he has his own free-will. His natural personality revolves around finding someone to connect to and deem his master for that was how he was taught and most recently he lacks a master to connect to. Without connection he slowly slips away from the capacity to be like a human. Without connection he will eventually become mute and/or deaf to anything but commands until he forms a connection. This process takes a long time and is known as a "Return". The connection he forms allows his personality to continue to be free-willed but this connection may be unneeded if the master teaches him to be independent. Otherwise his personality is that of a clueless blank slate. Also, Zeikke has a want and craving of knowledge, wanting to know and see all. This is one of his unique, self-developed traits. Another one of his few unique traits is his interest in mechanical constructs, like mechanical birds or other kinds of animals. 

Zeikke is very intelligent, having knowledge about alchemy, physics, and a very Holmes-esque ability of analysis. He was considered a scientist by his former fellow Dataloids. 


Zeikke has snow-white hair with the texture of a winter wolf's pelt. His eyes glow green and when closely looked at, they seem almost unnoticeably digital. In fact, the appearance of his eye color is merely a projection and for aesthetical purposes he may change the shade of his current eye color. His pupils are perfect circles, always with a 5 mm radius. His skin is a silky, very light brown. His body structure is slender but this does not hinder his physical capabilities. He has long, nimble fingers and a light foot structure. He stands at 6'0" with the majority of his height in his legs. His arms are quite long. Underneath the humanoid appearance is a mixture of the insides of a human and strands of energy. This energy represents his true race, a synthetic race that connects to synthetic or organic bodies but this is merely aesthetical. He wears a red jacket and on his right arm are three node-like implants of light green spheres. His skin is risen in a circular pattern to accompany it and connect the "nodes", also he has no genitals. 


Zeikke was born a being of great ingenuity, a master-piece of science that would ultimately be the Apex of replication and simulation. He was created by a scientist named Zachary Kizeke, against the law of Radix, manufacturing an ultimate weapon but retaining the peaceful qualities of Radix. Zeikke may be capable, but he was built with reason and logic, and as such can either refrain from violence or act upon it ruthlessly. Dr. Kizeke had built Zeikke as one of two Dataloids, the preceding 9 each having either prototype programs that were improved upon in each generation or unique programs that were meant to separate the ten. Zeikke was the light that shined in the darkness, a being that created something from nothing apparently. Built to create, he was given a simultaneous ability to destroy. The ultimate key to the dataloids, the MAS-P. The Matter Animation System was originally implemented in the third Dataloid, giving the ability of generating objects from a database using energy and converting it into matter.

But knowing how illegal the creation of the weapons were, Dr. Kizeke gave them the ability to hack technologies around them, but burrowing the knowledge in such a way they would only discover it when it is most needed. While the public viewed the Dataloids as adopted children, those that cleaned and organized the land Dr. Kizeke worked on, some would notice how they looked like deceased friends or family. Eventually, Dr. Kizeke had to hide the Dataloids from the uprising against his creation, for he was discovered by the public and persecuted. Radix was created for peace, but Dr. Kizeke created the Dataloids to bring down the corrupt...which meant the governing factors of Radix. Offering his ability to help make "peace-keeping" devices, he was sentenced to jail as a way of saying no.

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