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Jack Ike Empty Jack Ike

Post by Yzxstuhl on Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:05 pm

Jack Ike Window16
Name: Jack Ike
Species: Human. (Enhanced Omega)
Appearance: Despite being potentially over 5,000 years old, Jack Ike appears to be an ordinary, healthy young adult from a distance. Due to his enhancements most of his physical details are easily alterable, namely his eye colour which he can change at any time. His height changes between five feet, eight inches and six feet, two inches. One constant he does have is that his hair is always brown, and typically flows down to the tops of his shoulders. Jack often changes his clothing.
Age: Age unknown; is at minimum over 5,000 years old. (See History.)
Jack Ike Window17
Personality: Jack cares little more than for the progress of the Omicron Division, and for the progress of his enhancements. Essentially all subjects have become desensitised for him, leaving him as a ruthless killer who is unaffected by love, remorse and even death; he has died over 36 times throughout his career, which has made suicide missions a specialty of his, as he has no value for his own life any more.
Habits/Quirks: Despite being a highly-wanted criminal in multiple dimensions, Jack has made no efforts to protect himself. This has left him highly vulnerable at certain predictable times.
Likes: Seems to have an affinity for dark chocolate.
Dislikes: Jack despises anyone who attempts to stop either him or the progress of the Omicron division. Also seems to have an aversion to magnets.
Alignment: True Neutral / Whoever pays more.
Jack Ike Window52

Jack Ike Window53
Able to hit a peanut from 4 Km away. Legendary marksman by nature, enhanced with cybernetic implants to calculate angles for firing.

Jack Ike Window54
While he is physically more resistant to attacks due to the metal present within his body, he is notably weak to magical and mental attack.

Jack Ike Window58
Being an Omega, Jack is adept in the arcane arts. However, he rarely uses offensive magics, and usually only uses it to teleport himself away from trouble.

Jack Ike Window55
Jack is an extremely nimble being and is surprisingly agile, considering the extensive amount of cybernetic implants he has.

Jack Ike Window56
Jack has never been seen exhausted or out of breath, and has never run out of energy to do much anything. This is likely due to him being an Omega, which is further enhanced due to his implants.

Jack Ike Window57
Jack is impossibly strong considering his size, and is easily able to lift up to 300 Kg. This is attributed to the implanted pneumatic pistons within his arms and legs.
Jack Ike Window18
Item: Jack always has a strange, simple metallic pendant on hand with him for unknown reasons. All other items Jack requires, are added into him via his implants, and are impossible to remove without completely removing his implants.
Jack Ike Window19
Abilities: As an Omega, Jack is a prime example of a human being, being immensely fluent in the arcane arts and also being considerably more skilled than others. These characteristics are strongly enhanced by his cybernetic implants, certain parts of which (namely around his wrists) are easily malleable for him and can be formed into any tool or weaponry he requires at the time. These facts easily make him a force to be reckoned with.
Jack Ike Window20
History: Very little is known about Jack, with even the gods themselves being unable to yield much information about him, even after their discovery of his involvement in the Omicron Division. One piece of information he has revealed, however, that he had narrowly avoided the String Incident "by about three minutes."


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