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Ptolemy Ravenway (WIP)

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Ptolemy Ravenway (WIP)

Post by Ptolemy Ravenway on Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:51 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Ptolemy Ravenway, Raven, Ray, Ven, Lemy

Species: Shadow Self

Appearance: A tall, lanky man, Ptolemy Ravenway is very much a strange looking man. For one, his skin is very pale, making him look very unhealthy, despite being toned in terms of musculature. However, that isn't where it ends. On top of his pale skin, around his throat and winding up both his arms, are pitch black tattoos of thorny vines. These tattoos are also around the ring finger of his right hand. Moving onto hair and eyes, his hair is actually gray, as can be seen by the gray flecks in the ebony waves that end up cascading over his right eye, covering the scarred shut eyelid. His uninjured eye is deep blue however, making him quite intimidating in dark lights, as it seems to glow in shadow.  Back to the tattoo, on the left side of his neck a deep blue rose can also be seen, and that same rose pops up several times on his arms. There is a reason for this..the Ptolemy people see now, is not the same Ptolemy that he was growing up. No, the real Ptolemy is dead. This Ptolemy favors the name Raven, and is the physical manifestation of everything that Ptolemy repressed growing up. As a matter of fact, Raven also dresses differently than the original counterpart did. Raven prefers a gray jacket, frayed at the edges and hem, atop a black shirt, and black jeans. He also has a pair of black studs in his ears, something the original would never have done.

Age: 19

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Strength: Falling in line with his lanky frame, Ptolemy is rather weak physically for his level of power among the shadow selves, being only able to create craters in stone slightly bigger than his fist, and not being able to even so much as dent metal
  • Endurance: However, despite his frame, Ptolemy is essentially a walking tank, being able to take extremely destructive blasts head on. In fact, he even goes as far as to say that he could survive a hit from a meteor. That isn't posturing, as he likely could. He is extremely durable.
  • Speed: Ptolemy is a fast individual, his speed easily reaching over the peak speed of a human, allowing him to run at 180 mph at a casual pace, and at 200 mph at a dash, and fast enough to actually vanish at a full on sprint. His speed is his greatest asset in a battle.
  • Agility: His agility matches his speed pound for pound, enabling him to all but contort his body impossibly. He is a master of the human arts of freerunning and parkour, and is even one of the most agile among the shadow selves.
  • Magic Power: Strangely, even when using his Shadow form, Ptolemy is not as magically inclined as he could be. He can take a hit from a meteor, but he will never be able to create one. However, tornadoes of flame and other elements are easily within his range. He is at a level of magical power that could make others consider him to be at an expert level, but not at the level of mastery. His spells also tend to have very easily found counters as well, causing the inherent power difference to be able to be canceled out by a clever opponent.
  • Magic Defense: Akin to his endurance to physical attacks, Ptolemy is capable of taking Magical hits just as easily. He could take a blast from a creature at the level of a god and, while sustaining impressive damage, walk away from it.
  • Luck: Theirs no two ways around it. Ptolemy is a lucky son of a bitch, to the point of being able to use it to throw off his opponents. Yes, he is so lucky, going against him gives you bad luck.

Internal Characteristics

Personality: True to his appearance as a rebellious person, Ptolemy is someone that cannot stand being told what to do. And he holds the power magically to back up his own desire to be free. However..above all, he hates the concept of Fate itself, wishing to become the creator of an area that inherently possesses freedom, allowing all to experience the freedom he is given every day. On top of this, he is fairly easily seen as grouchy and rude, to the point of being able to be considered a male Tsundere, or a Kuudere. (Someone who is violent/cold on the outside, but sweet on the inside.) This would actually be a very well put description, as he is very kind to those he takes a liking to, but is very harsh and cold towards the people he does not know. He falls under the alignment of chaotic neutral for one reason: He does not wish to kill anyone, though he is more than capable of doing so. He absolutely abhors the act of killing, but because of it, he is free. He doesn't regret any choice he makes, for he knows he will adapt to it.

Habits/Quirks: Chain Smoker (Yet somehow he doesn't have "Dragon Breath"), constantly messes with his hair as it is always in his eyes, carries a blue rose, with pressed petals, that he carries inside a sleeve of clear yet durable material.

Likes: Freedom, Choices, Roses

Dislikes: Fate, Lack of Choice, Tulips

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Family: N/A

Friends: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Associates: N/A

Organizations: N/A

History: What are some important events in your history?

Abilities: Shadow Self Abilities

  • Enigmatic Dreamer: Ptolemy's specific "Enigmatic" power, this skill enables him to do several things with his mind, from creating objects and beings that appeared in his dreams, to taking on the level of power within a dream, to even tapping into the unconscious mind to forcibly unlock more of his bodies potential.
  • Shadow Self: True Shadow- The transformation ability of a shadow self, this enables Ptolemy to turn into a more massive Demonic Form, which doubles all of his statistics for magic, and triples his physical stats, along with giving him a massive nodachi which he uses extremely effectively.
  • Shadow Self: Second Shadow- The peak ability of a Shadow Self is the ability to bear their heart as an outward force. Only the most powerful of Shadow Selves are graced with this ability, and Ptolemy happens to have it. His secondary shadow takes on the form of a Demon, clad in armor with a face white as bone.
  • Universal Assimilation: The power to assimilate the ability and knowledge needed to perform a skill set, this assimilation can only be used once per dimension, and cannot be switched out at a later time.

    List of Dimensional Powers:

    Assalia: N/A

    Amara: N/A

    Crisis: N/A

    Nyst: N/A

    Rastlina: N/A

    Vestmoria: N/A

    Tedranog: N/A

    Radix: N/A

    Great Quag: N/A

    Eden: N/A

Natural Abilities



Water Magic


Special Magic:

Sin Magic (Sin Energy Control), must be used sparingly

Mana Conversion (Is able to create mana from outside sources)

True Magic (Mana Control)

Item: A Tarot Card of the Devil Arcana, for use to summon his companion, A Sword, bound to him by magic, while also making it unbreakable, Two Sets of Kunai
Ptolemy Ravenway

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