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Post by Elodie on Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:23 am

Raijin Raijin_by_enricogalli-d4ct332

External Characteristics

Name: Raijin

Species: Major Kami God of Lightning

Appearance: Raijin is a demon looking spirit, he has red skin and tusks on the corners of his mouth. His eyes are blue and his hair is black. He is never seen wearing any clothes except for a green drape covering his genital parts. He is always seen with a large drum around his neck, he stands at six feet and four inches which makes him one of the tallest gods in the Kami.

Age: 745, 707

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • How strong are you?
  • How fast are you?
  • How agile are you?
  • The list goes on!

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Brash and bossy, Raijin is a very proud god. He is fairly known for eating the navels and bellybuttons of children but as years passed he found it barbaric and decides not to do it anymore. Other than being bossy, he is a pretty nice guy. He is mostly good friends and acquaintances with the minor and major kami, staying on their good side rather than their bad. Despite the 'no demigod law', he has alot of demigod children that he genuinely helps and looks out for since he doesn't have any job or task to do.

He is very competitive and loves when he wins, not caring about the individual that loses to him. In his competitive mode, he doesn't care if he hurts people with his insults which makes him very cocky. His demigod and minor children gets the competitive trait from him. He is a pretty talkative person, even when his looks scares some of the deities and creatures he'll still talk to them (Ignoring their stares) he would talk to just about anyone about things that do and don't interest them, some of the Kami find him too 'chatty; and annoying. He is very insecure about his looks, which causes him to shape-shift at random times.

Since he is a very caring father, Raijin along with his best friend Ryujin are one of the few gods that has the most demigod children. Some of his demigod children live past the age of fifty! Most having children and settling down, and having children as well as successful careers. His eldest child was 101 years old when she died!

Habits/Quirks: Twitching, Taking stupid bets/dares for small amounts of money, not eating in front of people, not looking in the mirror.

Likes: Lightning bolts, Talking, cloudy weather, men, women, Minor Kami, his demigod children, winning

Dislikes: Izanami-No-Mikoto, bi-polar weather, stuck-up people, depression, pessimists

Alignment: Neutral Good


Family: Izanami - Mother

Izanagi - Father

Deities are brothers and sisters..

Amatsu-Mikaboshi - Daughter, minor goddess of stars, Love child with Omoikane.

Umehara - Son- demigod child - Alive - 13; Junior High Student.

Sachiko - Daughter - Demigod child - Died at the age 34. Survived by one child.

Satou - Son - Demigod child - Died at the age of 56. Survived by four children.

Tetsuya - Son - Demigod child - Alive - 18. University Student.

Hayakawa - Son - Demigod child - Alive - 47 - Has two children; Professional Basketball player.

Raiden - Daughter - Demigod Child - Died at the age 101 - Survived by five children and a lot of grandchildren and great great great grands.

Amaya - Daughter - Demigod Child - Died at the age 77 - Survived by one child and some grandchildren.

Naohiro - Son - Demigod Child - Died at the age 60 - Survived by six children and a lot of grandchildren.

Akahito - Son - Demigod Child - Died at the age 23 - Survived by none.

Izumi - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - 42 - Has four children; Plastic Surgeon.

Kitano - Son - Demigod Child - Died at the age of 87 - Survived by three children and some grand and great grand children.

Kumiko - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - 3 years old.

Megumi - Daughter - Demigod Child - Died at 50 - Has four children and grand and great grand children.

Friends: Suijin (Brother), Ryujin (Best friend, God of Storms), Harumi, Omoikane (Lover, god of wisdom and intelligence)

Acquaintances: Izanami (Enemy, Mother) Amaterasu (Sister-in-law, Enemy)

Associates: Who do you do business with?

Organizations: What groups are you in?

History: What are some important events in your history?

Abilities: Electrokinesis: As the god of Thunder and Lightning, Raijin has absolute control over both static and celestial electricity.
He is immune to lightning.
He can generate tremendous bolts of lightning.
He can send static shock through the bodies of others on contact.

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