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Techtile | Project REP-02 [WIP]

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Techtile | Project REP-02 [WIP]

Post by Beta Genesis on Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:15 am

Techtile "Tech" | Project REP-02

A bio-engineered reptilian humanoid created using various selections of human and animal DNA in equal portions. Able the shift between the sexes at will. This includes physically. Overall body style is slim. Clear indication of muscular tone is present from all angles. Muscular mass and formation dependent on gender being taken. Features very much anthropomorphic. Such as a protruded muzzle from the face, slit shaped iris, clawed fingers, and paws in place of regular feet. Two toned skin. Lime green and sand brown being the primaries. Green being the majority. Creme brown being the underbelly. From chin to tail tip. As well as the underside of hands and inside of ear canals. Each ear comes to a point. Patches of circular makings are spread across the body. Noted mostly for the face, shoulders, hands, thighs, feet, and tail. All are uniformly dark brown. With the exception of those that spread out across the length of the tail. Which transitions from dark brown to teal. Several lines that circle the very end of the tail use this same teal color as well. The tail itself reaches down to the floor as far as length is concern. Proportional to size of body in order to maintain proper balance. Several lines of pointed bones under flesh are located on it structurally. At the tip and up along the spine. All following the same color pattern as the rest of the body. Some under markings as well. These bone structures can also be found on each elbow. Only smaller in size and less numerous. Hair color is a dark brown. Length and style can vary on gender. However, generally kept at neck length in a shaggy but smooth style. Overhanging bangs almost cross over vision from time to time, but do not. Eye color is a vibrant neon blue encircled by yellow. Eyebrows are a solid black. Teeth are notably sharp. All pointed instead of rounded. Instead of the usual flesh tone, tongue is a neon shade of blue and forked. When changing genders. Weight shifts appropriately about the body. When male, it is more directed to the upper body and forearms. When female, the hips and chest. The majority of flesh, with the exception of a squishy underbelly, is nothing but scales.

Not usually accustomed to wearing clothes. When forced to do so. The following is considered general attire. A black bra with decent straps that can be seen from underneath. A back tank top with wide hung sides and front. Easily exposing both bra and cleavage. Close fitting but not skin tight. Just enough to clearly express bodily features. A pair of black panties is considered the only comfortable set of pants. However, when necessary a pair of black pants are worn over them. No shoes are worn ever. Black piercings and black wristbands are the accessories of choice. When male bra, shirt, and underwear are taken off.

Neutral by all means.
As being focused on benefit of self is number one priority. Though the matter of good, bad, or chaotic depends on the outlook of others.

Young, wild, and free. Not a care in the damn universe. Tech gives next to nothing about others. No matter what they say. What they do. What they think. At the end of the day, it's all about self. Own accomplishments and goals. If just one person remembers the hir for any reason. Then it's been a successful venture. Arrogant beyond all comparison. Rather loud and rowdy. A constant in your face attitude. Wanting to show off with a passion. Not afraid to voice an opinion and tell it like it is. Even more so, in regards to taking what shi wants or feels deserved of. Akin to the torment or suffering of others. An obvious sadist. Open with almost everything and anything. Adamant in the idea that shi has nothing to hide. Flirtatious to the point of being considered a playboy. Has a tendency to hit on people that are deemed worthy of attention. Though in brief encounters. Anything beyond that is driven by unhealthy obsession. Which given hir standards, is a hard state of relation to obtain. Unless given a damn good reason to engage. Naturally competitive. Never backing down from a fight or challenge. Too stubborn and prideful to do otherwise. Due to lack of care for most things. Shi's not one to be easily tempered. Only ever in extreme cases does this happen and when it does. It's like unleashing a beast from it's cage after being whipped and tormented. A violent rage which persists until satiated or forced away by external cause. Even more rare an occurrence, finding a single moment where she truly genuinely cares about anything. Quite capable of fondness just not openly visible nor aware of it. Too often denied such attachment by personal choice. Not necessarily trustworthy of any single person or place. Only uses as necessity comes and goes.

Sense of precision and levelness when it comes to combat is fairly average. Though can be lacking in some respects from time to time. Shi's not able to pinpoint attacks to a sciene as it doesn't quite synch with her brute type of style.

Naturally defended to a moderately high degree given the dermal nature of scales. The durability of these scales are so focused towards the deterioration of physical damages that in the case of magic based attacks they offer nothing.

Magical prowess is the weakest link. Lacking in proficiency and raw power. Rarely used unless necessary, if at all.

Being of thin structure allows for ample flexibility. Tech being rather agile in regards to movement. Not necessarily in speed. More pertains to the ability of being to dodge and weave. As well as get from place to place in a variety of swift methods. Focuses more on flow and the way at which the body can contort itself given specific impulses. Due to size and make of appendages relative to figure. Overall speed is lower than expected to be.

Does your character get tired easily? Or do they seem to run on infinite energy?

Strong for a rather small person. A brute that packs a hell of a punch if given enough ground on their target. The strongest technically is the tail. Which results in tactics such a heavy constriction if caught. As well as bludgeoning. Mercilessly savage when challenged.

Nothing at the moment other than the clothes on hir back.

Enhanced Scent | Being just as animalistic as human. REP has a heighten sense of smell that can trace even some of the faintest scents between moderately large distances. Often used to hunt or locate other people.

Venom | Through natural chemistry taking place inside the body, REP is able to produce a liquid substance via mouth based glands that can affect the body of a target in varying ways. As of this moment there are only two known effects that the venom is able to inflict. How each is designated at a time is unclear. At the moment it is assumed to be emotional based. Feeding off the energies of given emotional states and the influences they have on the body of the producer. Known venom types include the following:

    > Poison: A toxin which is assumed to be produced during fits of rage or moments of sorrow. When released into the body of it's victim it begins to spread at a slow rate. Gradually weakening them as time goes by. Unable to cause death in an immediate instance. However can prove dangerous over long durations if not treated.

    > Pheromone: An aphrodisiac which is assumed to be produced during spurts of desire or even moments of competitive aggression. When released into the body of it's victim it begins to spread at a slow rate. Gradually seducing them as time goes by. Heart rate and body temperature will increase as intimate natures are elevated. Growing until sexual desire is the strongest instinct driving the target. The duration of effects last anywhere between an hour or two if not satiated appropriately.

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