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Tenow Diman

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Tenow Diman

Post by Tenow Diman on Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:19 pm

Physical Profile

Name:  Real name: Tommen Hallow, Goes by: Tenow Diman

Species: Human

Physical Appearance: Tommen is a young man, six feet in height and very thin, almost skeletal. His hair is thin and long and a very fine brown color. He is pale with large bags under his eyes from lack of sleep but despite his tired appearance he has an abundance on energy. He has large hands, unusually so with very thin fingers. He keeps himself very clean and has to wear glasses that are too big for his face making him always need to push them back up. He is usually wearing long sleeve shirts of dark colors and a heavy jacket with skinny jeans. 

Age: 26


Statistical Sub-Profile

Physical Strengths: 

Physical Weaknesses:


Psychological Profile

Base Personality: Tommen is a quiet secluded man. Enjoying his routine like the ticking of a clock, everything happens like it is supposed to in his life and he likes that. He has no friends, and it doesn't bother him. He prefers to sculpt alone in peace. People are distracting. 

Extended Personality: (This is where you include personal modifiers, either in *, -, or simple words.)

Modus Operandi & Habits: (A more in depth look at how your character thinks and acts- you might not be able to fill this out to begin with, but it is here when you find ways to fill it- or you could discard it completely)

Mental "Alignment": (Less of a simple modifier such as "Lawful Good", and more of describing his morals in words rather than terms; this is similar to your personalities, but you could have a good opinion on morals and society and be a complete asshole, too.)


Statistical Sub-Profile

Mental Strengths: (What is your Mental Strengths? This comes more along to how hard it is to move you under drugs, or other external stimuli, including magic. Literally your mental fortitude. Perhaps you have an ability to shrug off light wounds both in body and mind?)

Mental Weaknesses: (Same thing as above, but more to give this trait a balance. Stuff like Bends easily under sweets or coffee are a mental weakness.)


Social Profile

Social Class: (What social class you belong to. While this is more for a roleplay opprotunity to see how NPC's react to you, this can just as much become a part of your character as anything else)

Personal Circle: (Your personal circle is your close family, close friends, or other...close kinds of people.)

Extended Circle: (Says it in the name, this is an extention of your circle- Associates, Aquantances and maybe distant friends and family. These people you care about, but won't become heartbreakingly saddened if they were to leave.)

Occupation and Rank: District Manager at a Pharmaceutical Outlet


Statistical Sub-Profile

Social Strengths: (A hard thing to determine, but for this particular character sheet it's how stable you are in society. A Shut In wouldn't be very stable and as such wouldn't have as many strengths as a socialite. Figuratively Thick Skin could be considered a Social Strength, since it could handle how well your defense against social pricks.)

Social Weaknesses: Extreme Social Anxiety

Tenow Diman

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