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Alexander Meadows Empty Alexander Meadows

Post by Riley Oran on Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:43 pm

Physical Profile

Name: Alexander Meadows (formerly Alexander Carvardukaras), Alex, Carvar, Dissident, Dissident King

Species: Alpha Dissident

Physical AppearanceAlexander's current appearance is disheveled at a glance. His long hair reaches the base of his neck, and travels around his face at equal length. He usually keeps his hair back in a small ponytail so that his bangs don't cover his face. He has striking eyes, each a different color due to his heterochromia. The right eye is gray, the normal coloration of his eyes. His left eye however is a wicked Neon-Blue, to the point that it glows dimly in dark places.

His face is average-sized, his expression fair. His nose is sharp and his jawline strong, with a gentle chin and thin lips. He has very pale skin from being trapped in Tartarus for so long, though his body despite starvation has not physically deteriorated. He is very svelte and well toned, though he bears many scars on his body from his training in Icarus (it was positively brutal in the later years). He stands at an impressive 6'1", which is tall enough to stand above most of his peers.

Age: 23


Statistical Sub-Profile

Physical Strengths: Alexander's general physical condition is on par with an Olympic athlete in most respects. Growing up as a gladiator in a low-oxygen environment with cold temperatures affecting his circulation and performance have meant that his body needed to be in better physical condition than a normal Human Being's to even survive, and to maintain his level of activity further meant that he had to push himself harder. If viewed as a Human (like he was before becoming a Dissident) he would be almost at the peak of conditioning possible. However, these same conditions mean that he doesn't know how to swim.

Alexander's left arm is encased in a metallic exoskeleton. This iron-chitin composite is extremely dense and heavy, but Alexander is able to move this arm fairly normally. Due to it's composition it has thus far proven impossible to completely break, though it has been damaged. Similarly, his chest-plate is extraordinarily dense and heavy. Alexander lacks ribs and instead has a durable, flexible plate of bone protecting his heart. 

Physical Weaknesses: Alexander has no obvious physical weaknesses, able to recover from most grievous injuries. However, there is a reason his heart is so well protected...


Psychological Profile

Base Personality: Alexander is a generally kind and loving individual. Aggressive by nature, Alexander consistently has compulsion to engage in violence and cause harm. At the same time he enjoys simple tasks and performing a variety of puzzles, with learning being a prized skill of his. He is easily engulfed by books and other forms of media. In contrast he is also jaded and mistrustful. While his positive traits definitely manifest more, he is horribly cynical. He is at least somewhat tactful, but much like he has a compulsion to cause harm he is also extremely impulsive.

These violent tendencies are tempered by Alexander's own desires to live a peaceful life. He initially struggled with his new nature but since that time has largely learned to control it and keep himself under close personal watch. As a result Alexander is extremely difficult to provoke or bring to anger through normal methods, behaving in a proper and reserved manner though most occurrences. This results in Alexander having a rich and active internal world, but being very reserved externally. He nearly constantly forces a smile and doesn't display his true feeling often.

This is largely a coping mechanism he developed to deal with his tragedies. He doesn't express them, merely chokes them down and keeps them hidden. He is fairly empathetic towards others consumed by despair, fear, and grief, but when dealing with them or their tragedies is largely unmoved and very honest. He usually does not do more than this, but would try to keep a person from harming themselves if at all possible

Extended Personality:

  • While not prone to episodes of anger and usually very reserved, intentionally endangering Alexander's closest friends or those he believes innocent is a surefire way to provoke him, but less so with strangers than people he is familiar with.

  • Despite being tactful in general situations, Alexander's personal relationships see him being blunt to the point of near unpleasantness on occasion. Confronting him about this usually makes it worse.

  • The smell of something burning can be a bit of a PTSD trigger for Alexander, eliciting a variety of reactions based on situations. In a scenario where he is aware of the probably cause or location of the fire these are considerably more mild.

  • Alexander isn't exactly scared of heights, but he is unnerved by them quite a bit.

  • Alexander is extremely nervous around young children, with exception to his ward Yudi.

  • Alexander, while a pacifist, is more of a martial pacifist. He detests fighting and prefers not to but if is forced into battle will prove more than capable of defending himself. 

  • Alexander is determined to be celibate.

Modus Operandi & Habits: Alexander's motivation for most of his activities is a simulation of normalcy. He is attempting very much to recreate what he believes a normal life would be, getting a job and drinking tea, reading books and taking care of Yudi. He has a bad habit of getting too deep into thought or a book and spacing out. Despite not needing to eat to sustain himself, Alexander also has a strange fondness for Waffles and Kesh. Also of note is his odd fascination for the color Blue.

Mental "Alignment": Neutral Good


Statistical Sub-Profile

Mental Strengths: Alexander's is capable of resisting mental domination and possesses an incredible amount of willpower. Having practiced discipline constantly to mitigate the negatives of his existence he is able to resist most temptations. He is even able to resist the effects of things like hormones or potions that exploit emotions like lust or love *to name a few), and while he is adept at resisting the physical stimuli he is almost completely able to resist the negative stimuli of the mind as well. Despite deluding himself frequently he knows that, for the more damaging parts of his mind, the more specific illusions are not real. He is also extremely good at resisting pain.

Mental Weaknesses: While Alexander is pretty strong-willed he is also fragile, and exploiting these frailties is a surefire way to cripple him in most situations. Fire is a PTSD trigger for him, eliciting a variety of reactions. While it is entirely possible for him to shrug this off, the more severe reactions can leave him incapacitated for minutes if not hours. At the same time, while he can resist most physical, mental, hormonal, emotional, and chemical stimuli he can not resist these same things that aggravate his aggression very well.


Social Profile

Social Class: Low-Middle Class

Personal Circle: Yudi (Surrogate Daughter)

Extended Circle: Lee (Employer)

Occupation and Rank: Librarian's Assistant, Caelum


Statistical Sub-Profile

Social Strengths: Alexander is very eloquent at handling many situations he comes across, despite being a reclusive shut in. He speak very eloquently and properly, using formal terms and words with strangers and "betters" (an ingrained understanding of social classes, which he hold in some contempt) and generally exercising great restrain when speaking to them, providing a generally pleasant experience overall. With close friends he is much more informal, behaving still rather polite and kind but with fewer formal terms and a more excited nature. All around, he is well spoken.

Social Weaknesses: Alexander seldom goes out of his way to keep up with the world, so when speaking about current events he usually fails to keep up and merely listens. He does this frequently with topics he doesn't understand. While usually kind he has a habit of being horrendously blunt with his friends, often time without totally realizing what he is doing. This is a result of sometimes "being too honest". Alexander also can not talk about himself in depth. When questioned about himself the farthest he can go is surface traits, because any farther and he might lock up. Revealing his past is a deep fear of his, for he largely feels his actions are irredeemable.



Dissident Abilities: Alexander is a Dissident, a being born to eventually commit Deicide. Unlike his Dissident brethren Alexander retains not only his humanoid shape but all of his personality and intelligence (with some new violent tendencies). This is because Alexander was one of the first three Dissident, and is known as an Alpha Dissident. While he possesses most of the powers of the Dissident, Alexander has a few extras or a few changed, such as

  • Alexander's healing factor is nearly instant.

  • Alexander is still intelligent and capable of using weapons.

  • Alexander is capable of overcoming their natural violent impulses with mental discipline.

  • Alexander's neon eye is an evolved trait. Not only can he sense the spark in beings, but as a nearly perfect predator he can analyze a being organically for their weakness. This ranges from an innate understanding of weaker areas to whether or not poison affects them.

  • Alexander's body can be used to create powerful and potent anti-toxins.

  • Due to Alexander's healing factor, he can not experience a reduction or increase in physical mass. If his body were altered in any way, his healing factor would "recall" his baseline state and return him to it. This is an evolved trait known as "Factor Memory".

Alexander's Abilities:

  • Alexander has gained "Imperfect Enlightenment" through a being called Jericho, former-friend-turned-threat. This ability periodically sees Alexander connecting directly to the Core of the Omniverse and pulling random, relevant bits of knowledge out to apply in his life. When doing so he is paralyzed by extremely painful headaches. Without his healing factor, these headaches would have already killed him.

  • Alexander was trained in many methods of combat, and is most skilled at one-handed long-sword play and Icarus' Pankration variant. He is gifted with deadly efficiency in both.

  • Alexander's body has been condition by cold temperatures to resist them, and he also has incredible pain tolerance, to the point that it takes an immense amount of damage and trauma to make him feel any pain at all. It is at this point his mental resistance to it kicks in.

  • Alexander's magic potential is extremely high. However, due to his never having aptitude for it (his native dimension did not naturally posses magic) he can not currently use it without intensive training. Being a Dissident, he will only be able to use Sin Magic effectively, though he could potentially take a short time to master normal magics as well. Regardless, he will need a lot of training.

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