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Thermidor (WIP)

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Thermidor (WIP) Empty Thermidor (WIP)

Post by Thermidor on Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:45 pm

Physical Profile

 Maximilian Thermidor

Species: (To be revealed later) Appears to be some manner of golem.

Physical Appearance: Maximilian Thermidor has a very... Unique appearance. Standing nearly seven feet tall, and weighing almost a hundrted pounds for every foot of height, Thermidor's body is plainly unnatural. The inner workings cannot be seen, due to a series of interlocking gray-black metal panels which cover his body. These are decorated with red and gold embellishments. Interestingly, Thermidor's hands only possess two fingers, and a thumb, and his feet have no visible digits, instead resembling very large boots. In spite of this, Thermidor is capable of functioning like a more classically designed humanoid. There are several small trinkets adorning his body, as well. Set high on his chest, a round, lens-shaped glass-like object is mounted directly into his inner workings, a cutout in the metal plate allowing it to show through, as it sits flush against the metal plate. A small engraving on his hip depicts a man mid-sprint, which glows very, very faintly when he moves. A strange-looking case, of the same gray-black metal, is affixed to his back. It appears to have a "door" on the top.

Age: Imperceptible, unknown (to most)


Statistical Sub-Profile

Physical Strengths: Thermidor has an incredible defense, due, mostly, to his thick, metallic skin. Additionally, Sin Energy seems to be drawn to him inexplicably, which seems to cease to exist when it reaches him. Thermidor is capable of using Core Magic, as a Voidrunner, and, even in energy-dead places, seems to still be able to wield it with impunity. Thermidor also has a slew of common-sense immunities, as a non-biological lifeform.

Physical Weaknesses: Due to the nature of his construction, Thermidor is incredibly inagile, depending more on his immense armor plating to protect him. Further, though his form cannot be shaped and manipulated, magic which moves or damages wood, stone, and, especially, metal, affect him easily. (Please ask for clarification.)


Psychological Profile

Base Personality:
 (Your Characters Personality at it's base. This is the lowest level; literally stripped of all the modifiers that make up your character)

Extended Personality: (This is where you include personal modifiers, either in *, -, or simple words.)

Modus Operandi & Habits:
 (A more in depth look at how your character thinks and acts- you might not be able to fill this out to begin with, but it is here when you find ways to fill it- or you could discard it completely)

Mental "Alignment":
 (Less of a simple modifier such as "Lawful Good", and more of describing his morals in words rather than terms; this is similar to your personalities, but you could have a good opinion on morals and society and be a complete asshole, too.)


Statistical Sub-Profile

Mental Strengths:
 As a non-biological entity, no chemical compound can alter Thermidor's mental state, unless, for some reason, he allows it to. Mind-altering magic can affect him as normal, although mentalist mages may not know, right away, how to affect a mind so DIFFERENT from a biological mind.

Mental Weaknesses:
 That said, Thermidor, by cause of him being a created entity, has a markedly LOWER amount of mental fortitude than others with similar abilities.


Social Profile

Social Class: Thermidor is rarely in one place long enough to HAVE a social class. However, being a Timeless Voidrunner, he has a certain influence on the Omniverse that others might not.

Personal Circle: Cain, ???

Extended Circle: ???

Occupation and Rank: Primal Voidrunner


Statistical Sub-Profile

Social Strengths: (A hard thing to determine, but for this particular character sheet it's how stable you are in society. A Shut In wouldn't be very stable and as such wouldn't have as many strengths as a socialite. Figuratively Thick Skin could be considered a Social Strength, since it could handle how well your defense against social pricks.)

Social Weaknesses: (Same as above, only in weakness form.)



Personal History: (History though your Characters Eyes.)

Family History: (History Via Family Tree.)


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