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Advanced Bestiary Template

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Advanced Bestiary Template

Post by Artless_Artist on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:01 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of GP, I am proud to introduce a more advanced version of the Bestiary Template! This is for people who really want to nitpick their race, going down to the latest scrap of detail, to really get into the society of their race! Please note that this is a template in which you can edit for your own devices however you want, but this was made to be a literary template so I would advise against bullets or lists! Thank you!


Race Name: (What is your races name?)

General Overview: (The general overview of your race)

Physical Description: (What does your race commonly look like? this can include a simple range of colors for body, eyes and hair color...or none at all, depending on how humanoid or nonhumanoid your race looks)

Standard or Common Personality Traits: (What are some common traits that come with your race? Quirks? Habits? [I.E: A Cat based race having feline tendencies could be one of them].

Alignment: (Common range of alignments. This is difficult, due to an individuals taste, so you could just write out some ideals or beliefs on this subject you could have.)

Society: (Common society and its temperment. How they operate, are they tribal, communistic? varied?)

Culture: (How your race's cultural aspect operates; Social Taboos, Marriage, Social Hierarchy, Art, Music and some cultural beliefs could be a few topics)

Relations with other Races: (How does your race behave/interact with other races? what do they think of them? Common Racial Slurs?)

Physical or Spiritual Abilities: (What are your races standard abilities? While this varies by individual as well, a standard set of capabilities would do~)

Famous Characters/Common Folklore: (The Folklore Aspect. What does your race often tell tales of, what do they believe via certain aspects of local society if your race is fragmented across creation. Are there any famous celebrities/heroes/myths of your race?)

History: (The Race of the History. You'd want this to be as detailed as possible, noting a few major events along with your races inception- If you have trouble, toss ideas around with the local god or the one who created the world that will be sponsoring your race~)

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Re: Advanced Bestiary Template

Post by Kate on Sat Oct 25, 2014 5:24 pm

This is brilliant!


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Re: Advanced Bestiary Template

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:01 pm

I concur... and I will use this immediately~

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Re: Advanced Bestiary Template

Post by Sponsored content

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