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Dissidents (WiP)

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Dissidents (WiP)

Post by Riley Oran on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:28 am

Race Name: Dissident

General Overview: A twisted, vile race of extradimensional creatures, Dissident refers exclusively to the poor beings ensnared by the Dissitientibus Curse. Their physical traits and aggression are magnified beyond compare, driven by a drive to feed on sentient negativity and convert all that are not Dissident into themselves. Nearly extinct after the Dissident War with exception for one known specimen, other Dissidents have evidently survived and on occasion restart small scale outbreaks which the Gods are often able to quickly contain.

Physical Description: Dissident often bear a slight resemblance to the being from which they originate. Usually monochromatic with skin stretched, taut, or otherwise ripped over their forms Dissident also have reflective, metal exoskeletons developed when their metabolisms are forced into overdrive at the time of transformation. Dissidents do increase in size, often in regards to the extra mass added to their musculature. In rare cases, a Dissident can grow up to twice the size it was before conversion.

Standard or Common Personality Traits: Dissident all have an intense penchant for aggression. They attack others for seemingly no reason and are utterly relentless, hyper-focusing on something with an obsessive zeal. They are completely ruled by their impulses, so while they do likely retain their intelligence they are completely slave to their whims. This said, they seem to have excellent problem solving skills and are terrifyingly adept at adapting to new situations. While they are a threat alone, in groups they gain an amazing amount of coordination and seem to exercise complicated military tactics.

Alignment: Few exceptions to this, but always Chaotic Evil

Society: Dissident do not have a society.

Culture: Dissidents do not have a culture.

Relations with other Races: Dissident are always hostile towards all other races, seeking to destroy and convert them into more Dissident.

Physical or Spiritual Traits: Dissident have a slew of abilities as a result of their "affliction". These abilities range from mild to not-so-mild.

  • To start, all Dissident have the power known as "Freedom". Freedom is the ability that not only liberates a being from Fate, but allows them to determine their destiny at will. By doing so they can override personal odds and exist outside of prediction, unless their destiny has been determined in which case some individuals have the ability to divan this outcome. Dissident are too unstable to use this to full effect, only able to exist outside of Fate's scope of thought.

  • All Dissident develop metallic exoskeletons. These exoskeletons are capable of resisting insane amounts of force and pressure, withstanding horrific explosions without so much as a scratch. An even stronger reinforcing structure exists within the Dissident's frame: their chest plate is a single, flexible solid plate of chitin, keratin, carbon, and metal. Even more resistant than their outer exoskeleton, this mutation is meant to protect their most vulnerable organ: their heart.

  • Dissident have extremely toxic bodies, from their flesh right down to their spit, blood, and bone. This toxin is potent enough to kill most other things immediately, depending on how much of it they are exposed to and from where (in rare cases, their fluids are even acidic). This makes them naturally resistant to toxins, and ideal for farming a variety of anti-toxins or antidotes for medical use (or military).

  • Dissident are assumed to be incapable of normal procreation, though this has not been examined. They currently reproduce by infesting other beings with their curse, forcing that being to mutate into a Dissident. The exact method of transference is not known, though it is known that physical conditions are not a factor. The sickness seems to be transferred on the waves of negativity themselves. Because of their particular method of hunting, they can sense the sparks of sentient life-forms around them.

  • Dissidents are incredibly durable, have infinite stamina, and rapid healing-factors. Feeding off of Sin Energy, their already natural durability is amplified by their natural healing abilities, which can vary in the range of as slow as a day for a full heal to as fast as seconds. They devour ambient Sin Energy around them and use it to amplify their stamina reserves, making them incapable of being tired. With no negative effects from constant exertion and the ability to move for as long as they want, Dissident are utterly relentless. However, a lack of Sin Energy can cause them to begin to starve. This doesn't kill them, and instead puts them into a death-like state.

  • In contrast, Virtue Energy is a major weakness for them. While not capable of killing them outright in terms of exposure, their bodies draw it in as though it was Sin Energy and process it incorrectly, making them weak and sickly over a long period of time. Usually Sin Energy is far more predominate, and this fails to occur. In other areas where this is not the case, symptoms include lethargy, nausea, dizziness, shock, and coma. Another weakness they have are precious metals, which can produce the same if not worse effects upon them, including paralysis, blindness, burns, or other horrific allergic reactions.

  • Dissident are biologically changed once the curse takes hold, so even removing the curse will not restore one's former life or appearance. However, the curse is a separate entity from the cursed, existing not only as a blight upon them but as a shield. While Freedom grants them immunity from magical effects, the Dissident Curse specifically makes itself a target for curses. Curses do no affect Dissident in a normal manner, instead imbuing them with strange abilities by way of the Dissentientibus Curse incorporating them into itself. It then filters out the useless and weak traits and applies only the best, most advantageous ones to the Dissident in questions's biology directly, altering it's physical state permanently.

Famous Characters/Common Folklore: While there are no legends or folklore made by the Dissident themselves, there are whispers of the sole surviving Dissident having overcome the weaknesses of impulsiveness and aggression that the rest of his race has to some degree. His is more calculated and cunning than the rest, a single neon-blue eye shining in the darkness. His whereabouts are unknown, as is this general legend. But occasionally, the angels tell mortals tales such as this one, and legends of Alexander the Black spread around the dimension at frightening pace.

History: (The Race of the History. You'd want this to be as detailed as possible, noting a few major events along with your races inception- If you have trouble, toss ideas around with the local god or the one who created the world that will be sponsoring your race~)

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