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A Spark in the Woods

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A Spark in the Woods

Post by Eclipse on Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:51 pm


Today would be an odd sight if any of the natives were traveling in a certain section of the woods and they came across a certain pyromancer, one known as Thorn, however they might not live to tell their story of the sight, if he notices them and deemed them a problem. It always annoying for him to come to this part of the world, the part in which the city that studied magic, so well, so close by, yet rejecting of him based on him being a human. It could easily be a problem that could possibly be fixed by magic itself, but Thorn wouldn't allowed himself to stoop to using magic himself like that, and he had no intentions of seeking out another to do so, yet he would still love to just enter that city. Instead he found himself, deep outside and around it's area, thinking of how far he has traveled around since his past time in Kakos and, at a time in Anthropinos. Those days have passed though with little to gain of them as a plan of action never truly went through as it would be thought of as. Leading Thorn with having no place that he truly needed to go, for he had no true home anymore, and only for so long could one live within Kakos without growing dull of it's constant criminal activity. The only time that he enjoyed actually within the city, was his arson and executions by those that hired him, to be burned alive was not quite a peaceful or humane way to execute, however it could be quite entertaining with Thorn's pyro magic.

After pondering some time and traveling through these woods, he stopped and pulled out his dagger and stabbed it into the tree right next to him, he knew that he was going to get some attention and excitement from his next actions. Within his hands, he brought forth from himself and his normal magic, enough energy to make a great concentration of magic, using this if he were to toss this out and it made contact with a solid object, it result in a high force explosion reaching most likely a quite large range and well enough destructive damage to take down the trees that were here. He chuckled, not caring what might come next, or whether someone will come to learn of his actions, destruction and the want to cause destruction of this forest was his current desire. His magic would destroy this forest if he pleased. "Hey Trees, if you would like to protect yourselves or stop me, now would be the time." He stated and laughed some more. It was quite disturbing to think of how he spoke towards the trees with laughter, but he had no one around that was worth his worries and even more so, the natives of this forest if they heard would be more than likely curious drawing them in for the show. A show that would more than likely frighten them, however he was unaware that bigger things might be watching, listening, or taking note of him.


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Re: A Spark in the Woods

Post by Riley Oran on Tue Oct 28, 2014 3:01 pm

The thing sat in it's office in Draconis, disguised as a man but born as something much greater. A sinister smile sat across lips framed on a serious face, his jet-black hair trimmed short to lend to a very certain kind of professionalism. His black eyes were focused on the paperwork beneath him, a pen writing in blue ink held in his dark hands. Beside him was a stack of papers that had been filled out and and signed, while beneath him was a scant few papers left to be filled out. He was muttering to himself, "three damn days," like some kind of mantra.

At the exact same time, he found his attention divided elsewhere. In the forest around Draconis, a little mouse skittered about, poised to throw a tantrum. His own dagger gave him away, the Utukku observing him through the reflective metal surface. He was so arrogant, so confident... so stupid. Delighting in destruction for destruction's sake was a goal of little substance or thought, but it was simple and pure. Unfettered by civilized things like common sense or intelligence. Impulse and rage. Clearly this person just reveled in their own power, and had such a little concept of what power truly was.

He crossed his T, dotted his I, and sighed in contentment as he scooted the paper aside, lifting it and gently settling it down atop the stop. Finally done- three days of paper work. He could have been down faster if he had just used magic, but he needed to have some apparent traces of imperfection otherwise he would be suspicious. Couldn't have that now- not after he'd spent a few decades establishing himself so well. And speaking of establishing himself? He could already see several uses for this angry, fire guy.

Behind Thorn out of sight, and completely silently, a phantom would appear. A phantom of a small child to be exact. A little girl, red gown, with hair and eyes like wild fire. It stood behind him and stared up at him with her large, curious eyes but otherwise expressionless face. "Hey," her voice came her form, almost monotonous in it's scope. "Watcha' doin'? Being a nuisance for nature-lovers?"

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