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Post by Artless_Artist on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:02 pm

Alright, so call me indecisive; but I'm considering three options in terms of Settings for my world. Pretty frustrated at the world right now and wanting to work on something besides characters- although I may have to quit this site cold turkey until late December due to the Dead Line of something extremely important coming up.

1... Reverting back to the Superhero Universe. I feel steampunk is only as prevalent as the hero/villain would want it to be; and it would pretty much be around just another alternate earth which I would allow people to attribute their coins in and change it. For one, the god would be virtually non-existent...or rather it'd still BE there, just not in the way one would expect it to be.

2... I apply Clockwork as a single world in Tedranog or Nyst, and focus the yet unnamed superhero universe as it's own setting- Which I might add in a frequencies of Issue type stories in the library section of the site to begin with, or even discuss it with the rest of the site if they wished. 

3... Forget the Superheroes and focus on Clockwork

4... Work on both as separate universes. A lot more work, but not impossible. 

As my own personal opinion, I feel choice two is the one Im bending more towards, as it would allow another empire-ish group in Tedranog or Nyst Space which might do for some interesting interactions. It would literally be a more Antique yet Highly Advanced Science in terms of Tedranog's

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niche, if somebody else wants to tinker with it.

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