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Post by Twilight on Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:38 pm

Phoenixs  Ave%2Bfenix
Phoenixs are the lords of fire. Even the hottest dragons can't compare to the flames a Phoenix creates. Phoenixs have the least amount of armor of the 3 major Iota races. In fact they have no armor at all but don't let that bring your hopes up. A phoenix can increase its body temperature so high that men in armor instantly incinerate. People have died when straying to close to a hidden phoenix and they don't even get to know who or how. This is were instantaneous combustion comes from and only happens when accidentally getting to close to a Phoenix.

Phoenixs are actually the least aggressive of the 3 major Iota races. They will only attack a group of people or settlement if they believe it to be a direct threat to their homeland.

Like all of the major races of Iota Phoenixs have incredible amounts of magical energy and are incredibly skilled in all forms of magic. Other than this and their fire Phoenixes are normally about the size of a medium house. They have sharp talons that have been know to cut through anything just like the claws of dragons.

Phoenix feathers can be found here in there in the wilderness of Iota and are invaluable for magical purposes. Rarely does anyone return when hunting the wilderness for phoenix feathers.

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