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Post by Twilight on Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:39 pm

Dragons Drag_o_Vermelho_Red_Dragon_wallpaper_09
One of the more common natives of Iota dragons are also the more feared. Anyone who manages to kill a dragon is considered the greatest of the greatest of warriors. Their scales are to hard to piece with normal weapons. Their teeth and claws can tear through anything. They can see heat and have the most incredible eye sight, hearing, and sense of smell. Like all 3 of the major native races of Iota their amount of magic energy and skill in all types of magic is unmatched. They even have a natural resistance to magic used against them. They are immune to poison and disease. Their muscles are far denser making them far stronger than they appear and they already appear very strong given their large size.

Should you kill a dragon not only will you be famous and go down in the history books but you will also be able to use the body parts of the dragon you slew. The claws can pierce a dragons scales and the dragons scales can be used as armor. All other body parts can be used for an infinite amount of magical purposes.

Dragons have 3 weaknesses. The first one is their wings. Their wings do not have scales covering them making them very vulnerable to any weapon. Second if one were to tug on the back of their neck hard enough it would cause the dragon to go completely limp. This is a reflex dragons are born with so their mother can easily manage them when they are just a hatchling. None of the common races of Megalo are strong enough to succeed in this. Third is under their jaw which causes relaxation/going limp from the blissful sensations that spot produces. The males tend to growl from the pleasure while the females tend to purr. Doing the opposite is a very embarrassing thing. This is not as strong as the back of neck reflex and can be resisted. Most all dragons are cold blooded preventing them from living in cold places.

Dragons stick to purely family communities. They chose one family member to represent their entire family when the monthly dragon meeting comes up to discuss important matters.

Dragons mate for life when a female and male mate the male bites down on the female leaving a scar AKA mark which means they are taken. Unlike the races of Megalo Dragons kiss by licking each other on head. A lick anywhere but below the chin on the face is like a regular quick kiss a lick under the chin is like a very intimate kiss on the lips. While nudging heads is more like hugging.

Dragons like the other 2 major natives of Iota live extremely long lives. A new born dragon is considered a hatching until they reach the age of 100 when they are finally considered an adult. Dragons are considered elder when they reach 7,000 years of age. Most dragons do not live past 10,000 years of age.

There are many different type of dragons all varying in size and breath weapon. Some breath fire while others breath ice. Some only grow to be as big as an inn while others grow almost to the size of mountains.

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