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Riley Oran

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Riley Oran

Post by Riley Oran on Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:21 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Riley Oran

Appearance: Scruffy, short black hair. Relatively fit body, pale skin and soft, bright brown eyes. He is five-feet-seven-inches in height. His face is round and average sized. He typically wears an old fishing hat, that his grandfather supposedly wore on earth.

Age: 17


  • Riley is quite agile for a human, having been trained by the predominantly Neko BtR in the use of a staff

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Easily excitable and adventurous, Riley is a somewhat obnoxious teenager who is needlessly defiant towards authority and very opinionated. He is hard-headed and strong willed, quick to blows and slow to anger. He enjoys seeking out conflict simply to stir up trouble, as well as justify why he constantly antagonizes the Drage.

Habits/Quirks: When sitting still, he bounces his legs quite a bit. He also bites his nails.

Likes: He's really fond of his pet wolf, and really likes outer-space.

Dislikes: He really dislikes both the Beastkin and the Drage The Drage were responsible for killing his uncle, and he was picked on by a well-off Beastkin family consistently growing up.



  • Auntie Oran- a kindly old woman who really enjoys making pies. Of any kind. Even weird kinds. Its a popular theory that she is quite senile. She really hates Nekos, insisting that they unravel her yarn cords at night. Everyone else just thinks she's bonkers.

Friends: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Associates: N/A

Organizations: Currently, Riley is tangentially involved with two Organizations.

  • Rat-Runners: named by the rich who hire them, they regularly go out into the wilds of ION-XIX and retrieve rare/valuable items for the rich at the top of the tower. Occasionally Riley helps them for extra money
  • BtT (Break the Tower): An extremist political movement that aims to take down Babel's richest citizens. After returning from the wilds and angering a rich family, this group saved Riley on accident. His efforts in the wilds are a direct attempt at helping them gain information
Riley Oran

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