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Alexander Meadows

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Alexander Meadows Empty Alexander Meadows

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:30 am

External Characteristics

Name: Alexander Meadows

Species: Dissident (Alpha)

Appearance: Alexander's current appearance is disheveled at a glance. His long hair reaches the base of his neck, and travels around his face at equal length. He usually keeps his hair back in a small ponytail so that his bangs don't cover his face. He has striking eyes, each a different color due to his heterochromia. The right eye is gray, the normal coloration of his eyes. His left eye however is a wicked Neon-Blue, to the point that it glows dimly in dark places.

His face is average-sized, his expression fair. His nose is sharp and his jawline strong, with a gentle chin and thin lips. He has very pale skin from being trapped in Tartarus for so long, though his body despite starvation has not physically deteriorated. He is very svelte and well toned, though he bears many scars on his body from his training in Aramayt (it was positively brutal in the later years). He stands at an impressive 6'1", which is tall enough to stand above most of his peers.

His left arm is made of a metallic organic composite.

Age: 23

Statistics: Alexander is on par with an Olympian Athlete

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Alexander is jaded and distrustful, though he does his best to overcome these traits. Secretly cynical and outwardly positive, Alexander always makes an attempt to stoke hope in others because he understands how powerful a feeling this emotion really is, and believes without it humans have nothing.

He has developed an inferiority complex, which manifests as his seemingly good nature. Alexander believes himself to be the lesser party of humanity, viewing them as pure (if somewhat ignorant) creatures. If he takes a liking to a person, he becomes fiercely loyal towards them.

Alexander is also arbitrarily kind. He lends a hand whenever he had one to spare, and holds politeness in high regard, speaking formally to friends and strangers alike. With that said he is also extraordinarily blunt, using this as a mechanism to cope emotionally while at the same time enlightening others. He also hates killing, actively intervening in actions that would result in fatality for either party.

However, as a Dissident he's prone to episodes of aggression, and in the heat of the moment can become impulsive. Beyond that, Alexander is constantly tortured by his own failures, hiding his agony behind a smile. He rarely speaks of events in his past, trying his best to move forward.

The doesn't mean Alexander is soft. He is quite capable of dealing with tragedy, and will often plainly express reality to people who start to behave beyond mere irrationality to the point where they begin endangering themselves. He is unafraid of Death, knowing full well that even if he ceases to exist so too will his torment

Habits/Quirks: When too deep in thought, Alexander sometimes forgets to acknowledge those around him

Likes: Despite not needing to eat food, Alexander is quite fond of waffles and kesh. He also has a strang fascination with the color Blue

Dislikes: Alexander dislikes bigots, ignorance, bigots, and people who kill in general (but especially those who kill for 'poor' reasons

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Alexander is born stillborn, and revived
  • Alexander meets Jericho and 'TarsI'
  • Jericho destroys Aramayt
  • Jericho kills Tarsi
  • Jericho causes the Red Line
  • Alexander causes the "Singing Genocide"
  • Alexander and his forces face off against Jericho
  • Jericho lets Alexander kill him, and bestows Enlightenment upon him
  • Alexander is bound by Death in the Depths of Hell

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Alexander has gained Enlightenment. However, until he resolves the troubles within himself his access to it is sporadic and he can only 'use' it periodically
  • Alexander is amazing at Swordplay, and uses a one-handed blade with great skill and precision
  • Alexander has high magic potential, but has not learned how to master it
  • Alexander has evolved a Dissident Trait that allows him to analyze creatures and items to find weakness and illness within them, ranging from nerve clusters to bone fractures to poisons and disease
  • Alexander is highly-trained in an Aramayt variation of Pankration
  • Being raised in Aramayt, Alexander's body has been condition by cold temperatures and little oxygen content. his endurance and pain tolerance is extraordinarily high
  • Alexander's poison body is also capable of yielding natural antidotes to most toxins


  • Clarent the Kingslayer: An evil sword with a mind of its own, Clarent is a parasitic blade whose chain is melded into Alexander's body. The sword is forged from an unknown, ultra-dense material and contains within itself a powerful demon. It is heavy for a blade of its size, weighing twenty pounds despite only being two and ha half foot in length from gild to blade. It is capable of speaking directly into Alexander's mind, through with Excalibur's death it has fallen dormant.
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