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Post by Kate on Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:47 pm

Species:Half Human Half Dragon


5 foot 4 inches 250 lbs Astral wears a cloak to hide her appearance. Her tail is wrapped around her waist and her wings are tightly tucked against her body. With her cloak on and her tail wrapped around her waist Astral has a hard time with balance.

Astral's favorite food is sea food. She also happens to be nocturnal. Astral has grown to hate humans. She hates them for killing her father and their treatment of herself. She no longer hates being part dragon. Now she wishes she wasn't human at all. When traveling Astral will often attack humans on sight. She tends to be a little more friendly with the other races. Astral wanders around looking for a purpose in life.

Astral was born in an egg. Her mother was a very rare dragon who's species was always near extinction. Her father was an average human who fell in the love with the dragon. They live in a cave hidden within a waterfall. One day when Astral was still only 2 her father went to town and somehow the residence had found out about his love affair though they didn't know about the child. They considered the act a pure evil action punishable by death so they hung the man in front of the entire village as an example to all.

Astral's mother fearing for her daughters safety raised her in complete solitude. However every day that Astral grew older her mother would feel more and more guilty. For in her special breed of dragons they had evolved a feature that would help ensure their endangered survival. Basically should anyone have their DNA it would start out as virtually non existent even but slowly once puberty began instead over going through the changes normal to that species they would under go a slow transformation until they were completely dragon with their previous heritage completely wiped away. When Astral turned 13 her mother began to notice her daughters eyes changing. She ran away not being able to bear telling Astral of what was about to happen to her.

Astral has faced much abuse from the human species of the world. There was one point were she wanted to be human but now days not only does she appear nothing like a human but also she hates her human heritage. She plans on making all humans pay for what they have done to her, her father, and all dragon kind.

Abilities and Skills:
She can fly thanks to her wings and she is incredibly agile in the air thanks to her tail fins.

Astral is much stronger than she looks. Her strength can be compared to some of the strongest humans.

Astral can hold her breath for 3min.

A large resistance to poison, disease, and fire.

Eye sight is incredible being able to see in the dark, see further than a hawk, and able to see heat.

Her brand new scales help protect her against weapons and she also has all around increased durability.

Hearing is incredible. Can hear the foot step of a deer from a mile away.

sense of smell is far beyond average.

Can eat raw meat.

Astral's dragonic heritage is slowly taking over her human heritage until there is nothing human left about her. Stress will accelerate the rate at which the dragon DNA will take over.

Astral knows how to speak dragon and the common language.

Because of her dragon heritage Astral has a born innate talent for all types magic. Though it isn't as strong as full dragons its still on par with the best magic users in the world.

Astral's wings are the most delicate part of her body. Much care is taken in making sure they don't get hurt.

Due to her incredible hearing loud noises can be extremely irritating and even greatly effect her focus. Same with her sense of smell.

While her tail fins provide her with precision flying if she were to loose one she would lose the ability to fly all together until she learned how to fly without them. Although her superior agility in the air would be lost.

Astral is cold blooded.

Astral has a carnivorous stomach and is stuck to a purely meat diet.

Astral's sense of touch is below the norm thanks to her scales. If distracted she won't notice someone lightly touching her scales.


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Re: Astral

Post by Kate on Mon Oct 20, 2014 5:31 pm

Astral's history expanded:

Astral walked along the waters edge. The sun was blazing it was another one of those rare occurrences where Astral decided to travel about during the day. She had no real reason for doing it she just liked to mix things up every now and then. 

As Astral walked through the sand she spotted a rather large broken shard of a mirror. Astral picked it up and and opened her mouth. She had felt a number of her teeth were loose but she never got to check it out. She couldn't wait for her grown up teeth to come in. Astral poked around at the loose teeth in her mouth and found great amusement in watching them wiggle. Astral put down the mirror shard and continued to walk along the beach.

For some time now Astral had noticed a ship heading in her direction. It had an odd looking flag hanging off of it she didn't really know what it meant though. After continuous walking the ship began to near the shore. Astral stopped as they were obviously sailing towards her. What they wanted she couldn't possibly imagine. Perhaps they were going to offer her a ride she just didn't know.
The pirates docked their ship right on to the sandy beach and a group of them got off and started approaching Astral. They all carried a weapon on them which began to make her uncomfortable. They all surrounded her which is when she knew things were very bad. She tried to run out in between two of them but they drew their swords and pointed it at her throat. The pirates escorted her on board their ship and locked her up in a cell. Astral was really stressed now she didn't know what was going on. Also for some odd reason she could feel her teeth get looser.

After about an hour or so all her teeth had mysteriously fallen out. Astral looked at her hand which held all her teeth on wondered why they were so eager to pop out. The mysterious stuff with her teeth only made her all the more stressed. That's when she could hear some of the pirates talking.

"So what do you think. Will we get more out of her with or without those eyes?"

"With if we can find ourselves a buyer interested in unique slaves." One pirate replied.  

The information that she was about to be sold as a slave only pushed her stress further. She was suppose to be making friends not becoming a slave. Suddenly Astral felt something emerging from her gums. She reached her hand into her mouth to feel her new teeth but they weren't what she expected. They were all long pointy and sharp which was nothing like human teeth it was more like dragon teeth. That's when Astral realized that her eyes were only the beginning. The fact that she turning more dragonic was too horrible for her to bear. She passed out causing a loud thunk as her body fell to the floor.

Astral woke up to a man with brown hair and blue eyes. Astral awoke to him saying "So you're all mine now... Such a curious specimen... I will enjoy examining you..." Astral didn't like the sound of that. She didn't like the sound of that at all. "Let us start with pain tolerance... Best to take advantage of your strength while I can... Assistants!" said the blue eyed man. Then someone with an obvious sinister grin on his face. He was holding a club and Astral could easily tell what ever came next she wouldn't enjoy. 

The assistant slammed the club into her chest and she could both hear and feel the bones shattering. She screamed out in pain. She had never taken a blow anywhere near that hard before. Tears immediately began to swell up in her eyes and streak down her cheek. Every breath she took was just another wave of pain. Her dragon DNA began working in over time in an attempt to save the girls life. Astral cold feel two brand new limbs forming out of her back. 

This was by far the worst day of her life. She couldn't help but remember the mans words when she first noticed him. Such a curious specimen... I will enjoy examining you. Why was he beating on her because her eyes were different then theirs? Why is it every turn she took there was always someone who hated dragons and would cast out their own kind simply because they had a small part of them that was dragon.

For whatever reason the assistant eventually stopped and went back to the blue eyed guy. By now her wings were fully developed. They were the only limbs untouched by the brutality that befell her. Astral was lying on her side. She dared to move her head and see what her wings looked like. They were black and very large. even all folded up. There were even black scales over the bony parts. Astral's mother's scales were black as well but it still came as a surprise to her. Never would she have imagined having wings. There was no way she could pass as human now. Not with the wings teeth and eyes there was just no way.

Astral looked back at the two men with eyes pleading them to stop.

"Oh, such a marvellous spectacle... Wings! Next, we test your desire to survive. Take her to the chamber." The man said as his assistance took her to a dark room. Her wounds were healed at least. Astral finally figured out why it was this was being done to her. They found amusement in doing this to freaks and that's what they viewed her as a freak. 

Astral heard a shriek from in the room and then began to hear a strange voice. "Oh Astral... Where's mommy when you need here? She abandoned you... She abandoned you after those nasty humans killed daddy, hehehehehe! AHAHAHAHAHA! You're ALONE!" "All alone in a world where everything hates you... So alone... You don't have to make friends... Enemies are just as good..." Astral couldn't tell where the voice was coming from it almost sounded as if it was coming from her own head. How did these voices know all this. Surly it was truly coming from herself and it was all true. Why did her mom leave and why the hell did those cursed humans kill her father. Since when did humans get to chose who loved who. Astral had to agree with herself she did hate them. She hated everything about them. All they had ever done for her was kill her father, drive her mother away, and torture her just like now. Why did she want to be human in the first place? Did she really want to be just like them just like family destroying tortures? No no she didn't. She was glad these changes were happening she didn't want to be human.

Just as soon as she thought it she began growing a tail and some ears that were specific to her sub species began growing out of her head and peaking through her hair. All of a sudden she could hear far better. Her tail also was sprouting fins. Astral knew they were advance flying fins for air superiority. It was one of the things that made her species unique they were the fastest and most agile flying creatures in the world.

Now Astral had to make a critical decision. Did she want to live or did she want to die. She was leaning towards the dying part. Her life had sucked so bad it would be so much easier just to end it all for good. She was about to just sit on the ground and let herself die when she decided she needed to avenge her father. She needed to make all the humans pay for what they did and make sure they never do it to dragon kind again. To do that though she needed to live. Almost at that exact moment one of the gargoyles attacked her. She easily over powered it though. She didn't know that this whole time her strength and weight were also increasing. She just didn't notice because her muscles were so dense they showed no sign of it.

Astral dispatched the gargoyles and as soon as she finished she broke through the dark room and went after the humans that put her in there. As she walked out scales began to grow all over her body and claws started to emerge. She was going to try and kill every last one of them until the ship was devoid of all life but her own. 

Astral gasped as the scenery changed before her and suddenly she was on the beach again. She began to hyperventilate. Was this just another illusion to toy with her mind. Astral looked at her scaly black hands with short claws at the end of the fingers. She hadn't felt anymore changes since her scales and claws came in. Little did she know her dragon DNA was taking a long vacation. It had worked in over time and now it needed to recover. The changes were never meant to happen so fast.


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