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Basic Order Timeline (2nd)

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Basic Order Timeline (2nd)

Post by Cain on Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:49 pm

Roughly One-Hundred Thousand Years Ago 

The Recovered Documents: The designs and writings left behind by Ryuu's companion have been rediscovered in the far future of that world, and started a technological revolution. Ironically, the Robots meant to emulate the nature of Cain ran off of ambient Sin Energy in addition to their internal batteries

E-Race (Legacy): Some years later, one of the robots actually developed The Spark independent of any previously known condition. Scientists promptly dissembled it to search for the sudden display of emotion and intelligence, and found no cause. On reassembly, it displayed none of these traits. The Spark it had developed was lost just as soon.

  • An endless series of attempts that came afterwards were meant to recreate this strange phenomenon. Most of them failed.
  • The Special Unit Series, a series of twenty-units developed by six different scientists were the first to be successful in any regard, with the most faithful being the Units numbered Sixteen, Seventeen, and Twenty-One.
  • Unit Twenty-One went berserk, infecting first technological objects and then organic minds with the Regenesis Virus. Unit Sixteen was among the Special Units infected.
  • Special Unit Seventeen is left battered when it attempts to subdue Sixteen. It awakens three weeks later with its memory wiped, and believes it is a human with the name Paragon.
  • Over the next two years, Paragon develops its own Spark based on its experiences. Eventually Unit Twenty-One is brought down by The Spark's power.

Resurgence: Without Suhb constantly keeping them in check the Energy Beings begin to rebound. However, over time enough Sin Energy has built up in the Void that the creatures can exist there naturally. The Regenesis virus proves that its effects have managed to breach the dimensional barriers, and while the effect is too weak to change matter it alters some energy beings into Sin Eaters and their various forms.

Return: Ryuu emerges alone from his battle with Cain, fundamentally changed. No longer desiring to carry out Suhb's dreams of conquest he attempts to bring peace to the worlds already under his control and becomes a vengeful God who smites the greater evils of his world. Cain sacrificed himself in battle, and at his final 'death' at Ryuu's God-Slaying sword is absorbed by the Core of the universe like every other anomaly. His consciousness remains whole within The Core

The Great Balancing: Several artificial creations through out the dimensions begin to develop their own Sparks. The Core and The Spark of Life recreate Cain as the Dread God. His initial purpose is to seek out these Sparks and render them "touched" by The Core so that they are connected to the rest of creation

  • Cain encounters the power of individual Sparks, and the mysterious power called "Freedom". Rendering all of the sparks touched proves difficult, but a Newly Empowered Cain manages to defeat the power and reign the beings in
  • Cain and Ryuu rediscover each other, and become allies once more
  • Cain and Ryuu discover other Gods within their Omniverse and demonstrate their power over them
  • Several Dalnigaril are killed in the battle, and the rest banished to "The Black"
  • Cain creates the Doctrine of "Basic Order", placing the timeless entities (Such as Fate, Death, and Eternity) at the highest caliber as the chief forces that govern the universe and enforce The Core's will. This Doctrine also enforces the protection of the Twenty-Seven Tethers within the Universe. Further, it divided the Gods into varying categories and placed them each within a Jurisdiction. Cain and Ryuu stand at the highest echelons and have the most, while the lesser Gods patrol specific areas of varying size and degree

SinBirth: Sin Eaters begin to spawn rapidly and quickly become the most common Energy Beings in existence. Estimates put a three-to-one Sin Eater-to-Sentient Being ratio within dimensions alone, while entire scores of Sin Eaters are ravenously attacking dimensional walls. Cain and Ryuu are advised by Death and Eternity both that they should not interfere in the natural order, while Fate warns that its becoming more difficult to see the future. Cain believes this relates to the power of Freedom that he had encountered during The Great Balancing

Precursor to an Armageddon: An old dimension relatively devoid of tragedy begins to destabilize internally. Once more, Cain is advised by Death and Eternity not to interfere. The residents of a planet within the dimension have mastered intra-dimensional travel, and have also begun to perfect pocket-dimension technology. Of the Tethers within that world, twenty of them fall extremely ill

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