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Dimensional Resonance and Synchronization

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Dimensional Resonance and Synchronization

Post by Cain on Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:46 am

Each dimension has its own, unique 'resonance'-- a wavelength that marks that dimension as itself among all others. There are no two Resonances that are the same, though some can be very similar.

On very rare instances, a dead dimension will begin to mimic the Resonance of a Living Dimension, and the two will merge. The event is apocalyptic, and very few sparks will survive the event. The most well-known event is the Eden Resonance, which resulted in the creation of Eden.

Beings with sparks are very closely tied to the Resonance of the dimension they inhabit. The beings of that world have their constraints determined by the resonance, and outside visitors who also have sparks will eventually be subjected to the same constraints. Its not instant, and the process (called Synchronization) can take weeks to complete. A person who is out of sync with a Dimension experiences one of two phenomenon.

The first: they are incredibly weak until they become synchronized. This is the result of too much dimensional travel between three or more worlds. They never give their bodies a chance to rest and their sparks adapt, and thus lose synchronicity with the Omniverse slowly. Remaining in one dimension for a few weeks will correct the effect. For beings without Sparks, the very worst they will experience is Fatigue without the power fluctuations.

The second: they are still powerful, and maintain that power. However, the power will be bent to the dimension's Resonance and either increase or decrease accordingly. This only occurs regrading travel that has a downtime for more than a month, or only between two dimensions.

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