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Basic Order Doctrine

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Basic Order Doctrine

Post by Cain on Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:11 am

It is within this doctrine that we, Ryuu and Cain, establish the laws for all Gods to follow for the purposes of unity, uniformity, and universal understanding. The following order is to be enforced with the severity of the time, be it a slap on the wrist or the ultimate punishment. These laws are not constructs of morality, but of infinity. As beings of vast power and potential we are bound to dutifully guard the Omniverse from its threats, and a breakdown of organization amongst ourselves is the first step in losing existence to utter chaos. To this end, we must all follow a basic order that allows us to easily navigate the darkness that we will all inevitably face. It must be understood then, that for the sake of order there must also be hierarchy before Laws.

This document places the three entities of Death, Eternity, and Fate at the pinnacle of control. Their authority is absolute, and beyond reproach. By the terms of this document they accept this responsibility. They can not create laws, but they can veto them if two thirds deems it to be a detriment or ultimately purposeless.

Below the three entities are the agents of the Core. The agents are bound to the Core and enforce its will, and as such are responsible for safeguarding it. They will bear responsibility for creating the laws that Gods follow, accepting proposals for new laws, and leading the assembly of the Gods, called the Pantheon.

Below the agents of the Core are the Pantheon. By the Agents of the Core, the Pantheon are an assembly of diverse and different Gods, whose beliefs symbolize the crossroads of new ideas. Each member is hand selected by Cain, and their authority supersedes the authority of all other Gods beneath them.

Below the Pantheon, are the Region Guardians. The Region Guardians hold their own council, and take orders directly from the Pantheon. Should the Pantheon start to perform questionably, the Region Guardians are authorized to initiate an inquisition without the Panteon's knowledge. The Region Guardians are authorized to operate mostly autonomously and without interference on the part of the Pantheon.

Below the Region Guardians, are the Gods not a member of any organization. They watch over their region independently, but respond to the authority of all those above them when called to do so.

The following laws that have been established in this document are meant for preservation of order. The breaking of these laws and conditions are grounds for punishment befitting that of the time's severity.

First Law: Gods are to honor each-other's autonomy when dealing with affairs falling within their jurisdiction, unless suitable cause is found by higher powers to prompt an intervention.

Second Law: Gods are to maintain their Regions above all else

Third Law: Gods are to remain as impartial as they possibly can when dealing with mortal affairs.

Forth Law: Gods are to allow their worlds to maintain a natural course of evolution, and may only actively intervene when resolving an extra-dimensional threat to their region.

Fifth Law: Gods may not kill, torture, capture, or otherwise harm other Gods without just cause and evidence to support their claim

Sixth Law: All beings, be they God, Mortal, or Energy, if they are capable of intelligent thought are entitled to a fair trial before absolution or condemnation is levied upon them

Seventh Law: Eden is to be recognized as a neutral area for discussion and debate to take place amongst the number of the Gods

Eighth Law: The Tethers must be preserved and allowed to live and die as they should that they may reincarnate forevermore, ensuring Omniversal stability

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