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Technology (Earthlings)

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Technology (Earthlings) Empty Technology (Earthlings)

Post by Cain on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:02 pm

In common life for earthlings, magnetic convection is the most common form of cooking. Water can be brought to a boil instantly, while these same surfaces are safe to touch by organic matter. This is achieved through the rapid vibration of molecules, achieving friction and rapid conduction of heat into liquids. Naturally, food preparation time has decreased accordingly.

Many earthlings sport some form of cybernetic attachment in their later lives, while they are fairly uncommon in the youth. Cybernetics are seen in normal society as a status symbol-- the more modified you are, the richer you are. There is an emphasis on superficial beauty as well, so even if one has many modifications the more obvious and exposed ones are usually looked down upon. Cybernetics are also used in military service in an experimental capacity to increase soldiers' fighting capabilities. These technologies feed directly from the host's biological electricity. As a result, they have salt cravings to a greater frequency than most others.

In terms of transportation, most commonly vehicles are hover-based transports, though wheeled vehicles are not extremely rare. They also require a crank-start-- somewhere on the vehicle is a shaft-crank that must be turned a variable number of rotations to develop a charge. Once the charge is developed and the vehicle has started, gyros within begin to rotate and cause magnetic friction to power the vehicle. The vehicle then can run forever, as long as it is not turned off in which case it will need to be cranked up again.

In terms of space travel, small ships are launched through the atmosphere using MACs (Magnetic Atmosphere Canons). Outside of this, the small ships are capable of flight on a planet's surface, though they can not leave the atmosphere on their own (however they are capable of reentry).

In terms of weapons technology, Earthlings have a variable arsenal ranging from conventional projectile guns to outright laser rifles, however energy swords are still years off (and considered wildly impractical in ranged combat). They have several ways around this however, from mere conventional swords to vibro-blades (once more, magnetically based).

Most types of technology encountered of recent origin use magnets in some form. From transport to combat to cooking, magnets are this worlds primary source of tech. In times when electricity isn't accessible, there are even magnetic strips that act as batteries for some pieces of technology.

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