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Post by Cain on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:43 pm

Magic takes many forms in this dimension, and its manifestation is rare. In lore on Earth, is existed in the hands of ancients but as society advanced the secrets of it were lost.

The Drage however are very in tune with the sources of magic in the world. All in all, there are four types of magic that exist in the world. All beings have the ability to learn magic, though some demonstrate a higher affinity for it than others.

  • Mana: this is magic that comes from the life energy that is ambient in the world. Mana Magic is the most common type here, allowing beings to create and cast spells from the world itself with the effects (not actual properties of) fire, water, ice, lightning, ect. Mana Magic has a very vast range of use, most of them combat oriented.
  • Ki: this is magic that come from the life energy ambient within people. Ki Magic is the rarest type that occurs, and deals with things that affect the body. From healing spells to making oneself stronger and controlling physiology, Ki makes it possible. While the spells are not directly offensive in nature, Ki Masters are notoriously difficult to handle in combat.
  • Mental: this is magic that deals with psychic thought. From basic telekinesis to empathy, mental magic is magic that requires discipline to achieve, so your average person has no access to this. It can take anywhere from weeks to years of rigorous mental training to master.
  • Manipulation: this is magic that deals with external forces. Unlike Mana which uses the world's energy to conjure facsimiles of elements, Manipulation requires that elements already be present in order to be used. These elements, while directed and controlled by magic are not magic in and of themselves, and thus affect people who are 'immune' to normal magics. From controlling fire to water, manipulators usually only have one or two elements they can exploit. While this is technically the most powerful form of normal magic in this dimensions, it is also the weakest if the elements are not present in a fair quantity.

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