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Post by Kate on Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:49 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Venessa

Species: Saiyan


5' 4" 600 lb

Age: 16

Statistics: Your Physical condition
Venessa can lift 10x her own weight
she can run 40mph(this only 2x faster than the fastest man in the world.)
her molecules are extremely dense you can swing a sword at her and it won't pierce through her skin. Bullets won't even enter her. This assuming its a pistol. A sniper rifle is going to hurt. Lazers are also effective since they function much like a saiyans magic does.

Internal Characteristics

Venessa currently has no personality other than a slight pull for violence. Because she knows nothing she is rather shy.

Habits/Quirks: Knows nothing

Likes: fightning

Dislikes: people laughing at her because of her ignorance and naivety  

Alignment: neutral


Family: they dead now

Friends: dead

Acquaintances: dead

Associates: dead

Organizations: none

Venessa's father is the king of her people which natural makes her a princess. As a princess of a military race Venessa had a lot of responsibility and expectations placed on her. Like all royalty she was expected to reach super saiyan before she reached 18 which meant lots of fighting lots of training lots of stuff Venessa didn't really care for. She was the odd ball of her people she didn't see why they had to people so aggressive she didn't see the point. However with her parents and peoples drilling of combat into her head she was forced to adopt the savagery and as expected became an accomplished super saiyan.

One day the lower level saiyans were all gone on missions and Venessa was chosen to scout a newly discovered planet. Up set on board she was forced to go on such a dull mission unworthy of her skill Venessa took a nap in the baseball like ship that took her to the target planet. The planets gravity was far less then her own and she wasn't awake to make the necessary adjustments and so her ship crashed and was utterly destroyed by the impact. However a saiyan of Venessa's caliber was not so easily killed. Taking such a hit completely off guard though is bound to do something terrible. Venessa landed on her head obviously very hard and lost all memory of everything but how to talk, how to walk, and her name.

Meanwhile back home Venessa's home planet came under attack by the dissidents. All saiyan's came back to defend their home planet and all perished.

When Venessa goes super saiyan all her abilities are increased by x2.

Saiyans have incredible skill in Mana magic. The have a specialty which deals with a combination of fire lighting and water. It appears as light but acts more like a burning shredding force full force that has no implication other than to kill quickly.

Venessa has one major weakness. She never trained her tail like her parents told her too. This tail is very sensitive and if grabbed will cause Venessa so much pain it will paralyze her.

because of her loss of memory she doesn't know how to fight how to go super saiyan how to use her special magic how to fly how to do anything. The only thing she has going for her is her extremely strong body which she doesn't even know how to use.

Item: none


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