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Never Dream of...

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Never Dream of... Empty Never Dream of...

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:16 pm

Alexander had achieved a day off.

This in itself wasn't worthy of celebration. He had plenty of days off before. It was part of having a job after all and while Alexander did enjoy his work and wouldn't mind doing it all the time, he had a responsibility to Yudi that he often needed to fulfill. This was one of those days originally, but Yudi had badly wanted to go flying earlier so he pushed open his bay window and let the child out to travel, he wings spreading as she took off into the breeze. With a newly free day, Alexander had to decide what he wanted to do.

That was easy enough. Alexander wasn't the adventurous type (at least, not any more) and yearned for little in the way of excitement. He instead wanted for simplicity, for things that could let him feign his normalcy. More and more did the notion come across as daft to him though, since a lot of the people he had been meeting could have any manner of traits such as bunny ears, or maybe looking like a giant hawk. They could be cordial predators or rude pacifists. He still felt out of place in Caelum with his strange eye and metallic arm, because he hadn't seen anybody even remotely like himself. Then again, he should hope not to. It was a mixed bag of sorts- a city full of uniqueness to the point that it was expected, and yet he himself was still too unique.

This is actually why Alexander objected to going out often. He preferred to stay in his home, behind closed doors with his child and a cup of Tea from Rustici. It was a kind he hadn't been able to pronounce well at first, but over time he'd learned to speak the name well enough. "Nga'ikoth Zall-ag". Beautiful Star, it meant. And the tea itself was fantastic! But he desired something more than it being brew from a mere packet. He wanted more scenery than the same, repetitive view from the bay window. He wanted a slight change of pace.

He journeyed out from the apartment over Lee's Library, itself a small an unassuming building that contained much more than it led one to believe. Alexander viewed this as a roughly perfect metaphor for himself, though he was in a much worse way arguably. Passing by his place of work he moved through the populated area of Caelum, heading down a few blocks towards a local coffee shop he had known of since he had originally moved here from Latonia.

Caelum: the City in the Sky. Truth be told, it aggravated Alexander's nerves. He felt ency simply being here considering what had happened to Icarus, but the since of yearning made it worth it. He was very far from home, and this was closest he could be too it now that it was gone. Moving through the crowd was also acting on Alexander's anxiety, but he kept it hidden behind a facade. He couldn't live in a house forever, could he? Well feasibly yes. Immortality with no need to sleep, eat, or breathe meant that Alexander operated by different rules than everybody else.

He closed on the shop, "Tea and Glee" and winced at the name. It wasn't exactly... a normal Coffee shop, not like he had thought. It had a very boisterous atmosphere. Some upbeat music flowed out of the building, and few people who all looked about his age sat around inside, dressed in fashionable clothing of plaid and strips. One of them wore a sideways beret in such a manner that Alexander felt even more out of place than he had been. Not all of them were human either- one or two, but the rest were all manner of different species that Alexander didn't recognize. He clutched his head as a montage of words and pictures left his mind with a sharp, intense headache filling the void. He grit his teeth as it dissipated, his hand falling from his face as he continued to stare forward.

Alexander was staring at the door to this building, considering an advanced retreat. While he had done some incredibly horrifying things, the prospect of interacting with a room full of twenty-something hipsters acted on his social fears nearly as much as fighting monsters. He turned his head down the street. In the last few moment the crowd had grown even thicker. His eyes went back to the store, his head following closely behind. Stay or Go? Stay or go? Alexander locked up, staring blankly forward at the door. This was quite a pickle to him. Either way people were his bane.

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Never Dream of... Empty Re: Never Dream of...

Post by Unity on Sun Dec 14, 2014 4:36 pm

In this moment I am euphoric. Not because of mainstream bullshit but because I am enlightened by my fedora.

An unnamed Drelk sat alone at a table in this shop; enjoying the presence of his fellow companions. All around him were the enlightened of Radix -- partaking in delicious new styles of coffee. Truly, this was a wonderful place. A place where the meaning of life itself could be found. Just as he had discarded his name (names, of course, being too mainstream) it was a place where people could discard the illusions that plagued the minds of so many fools and achieve true bliss within this joyous realm of coffee and tea. If he believed in a paradise after death, this would have been it. His long (and fake) neckbeard brought him great comfort on these wonderful, excellent, euphoric days. These days where he could simply lay back and not worry about the pesky problems on the outside; pleasuring himself instead in the many comforts places like these had to offer. His fedora sat neatly upon his head and with a relaxed sigh he would lean backwards against his chair -- only to notice a man standing behind the door. Though the aroma of his coffee drifted up into his nose and tempted him he would ignore it for now. Normally he would simply pay this stranger no mind but perhaps today he should extrovert himself. This was, after all, one of his kin -- a fellow who sought to liberate himself from what lied behind those doors. He wanted to escape the madness that awaited all whom left this building and the Drelk felt it upon himself to welcome him to this oasis within the desert of pitifulness that was existence.

Standing up, the Drelk would casually walk over to the humanoid -- a warm and welcoming smile on his face. Well; it was warm and welcoming to himself anyway. To this man before him it could be very terrifying: although our neckbeard hipster was, but of course, unaware of this. Upon finally reaching his destination he would nod respectfully to the man. "Welcome to paradise, good sir." He would greet the individual -- reaching up to his fedora and bringing it down in front of him in a greeting of good gesture.

"May I interest you in a beverage good sir?"

Normally he wouldn't approach complete strangers like this. However this man seemed... insecure. He stood with a strange look fixated upon his face and clearly needed some form of guidance. It was only then, however, that the Drelk noticed he had not opened the door. How foolish and absentminded of him! The man surely hadn't heard him through the class. And with a feeling of shame burning within him he would open the door with rosy cheeks from his previous failure,

"Hello fine sir. May I treat you to a beverage on this fine day?"

It was with another tip of his fedora to the man that the Drelk would now await a response. Hopefully the offer would be taken up -- he didn't wish to see another person drown in the filth that awaited on the outside. Even if it was inevitable; even if this man was destined to sink to the depths of the abyss... he at least deserved to experience true euphoria before it. Better to feel something for a moment than never feel it at all.

My, what a philosophical thought.

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Never Dream of... Empty Re: Never Dream of...

Post by Riley Oran on Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:37 pm

The socially awkward must always believe that everybody else is crazy. If the shoe fits, after all. To be fair to them, they often mind themselves and sit stagnant in their opinions, mingling only with others who closely share their world views. So in certain political, religious, philosophical... well, most other respects people that don't match their idea of okay are most definitely not that. Alexander had long since elected to remain stagnant of his own accord. He barely interacted with people but being a librarian he did frequently read. It was something to pass the time and to help him maintain some manner of contact with the rest of the world. So, Alexander was a different case. He knew people behaved and believed differently, and didn't usually judge them for it unless it threatened him directly or affected him personally.

The man before him however was... very odd. Ripe with the smell of assumptions and prejudice in Alexander's mind as this was a reptile of some kind with a... beard. That wasn't even the odd part- Alexander had seen all manner of strange and wonderful things, though it was rather striking against a backdrop of scales. What was odd about this was the fact that he was talking to Alexander through glass. Now, this wasn't so bad because Alexander's senses were rather heightened. A month or so in Radix, and he'd been being fed a steady supply of sin energy. While his hearing wasn't sensitive enough to hear a pin drop, he could hear this man speaking through the glass. This was only a problem because he very much doubted this man could hear too. He didn't even seem to realize there was a door.

At least, initially. It only took him a scant few moments to recognize the anomaly and rectify it, an open door, and offer Alexander proper kindness. "Hello fine sir. May I treat you to a beverage on this fine day?"

Alexander wasn't sure what to say. People were seldom so forward or polite towards strangers, but this individual was playing cool. However he needed to decide, and ultimately decided against wading through the crowd back to his apartment. "I accept," he replied as calmly as possibly, still clearly shaken by the effort of being outside but not letting his voice reflect it. He felt welcome by the man's warmth, and bowed his head slightly. "Thank you sir."

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Never Dream of... Empty Re: Never Dream of...

Post by Sponsored content

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