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Fujin (WIP)

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Fujin (WIP) Empty Fujin (WIP)

Post by Elodie on Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:28 pm

Fujin (WIP) Fujin___god_of_wind_by_fukofujin-d3kuk41

External Characteristics

Name: Fujin, Kami god of the Wind

Species: Major Kami god of the Wind

Appearance: Fujin (WIP) 6d124237a15ee171984b00f5aa3fbe54

Like his best friend Raijin, he is also a hideous creature. He has dark green skin, brown hair, and a gold horn on the top of his head. However when he is attending the Kami meetings, he has a pale complexion like the rest of the Kami with almond shaped dark eyes and raven black hair that stops in the middle of his back with a gold crown the same color as his horn. In his original form, he is 6'5, but in his humanoid form he is 5'6 ft tall. While in his beast form, he wears a green loin cloth with a brown bow covering his genitals. In his human form, he wears a long golden robe with golden slippers at his feet.

Age: 745, 707

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • How strong are you?
  • How fast are you?
  • How agile are you?
  • The list goes on!

Internal Characteristics

Personality: While assisting his brother in having fun and pulling pranks on the other Kami, he is much more calmer and serious at times. Unlike his twin, he is loyal to the bone to his mother and will do anything for her. After his duties, he visits her in Yomi and informs her about the current events in Japan but he never tells her about the increase in demigod children since according to her they are illegal. He is loyal to the fault and visits the mothers of his demigod children when he has the time, but that's rarely since Japan always HAS to has it's wind.

Like Suijin's children has to always be organized, Raijin's children competitiveness, Amaterasu's children sees the good in everything and everyone, Hachiman's children must have honor and will do anything for it, Omoikane's children are arrogant, Susanoo's children are insensitive and never take things seriously, Inari's children are socially reserved, Fujin's children are incredibly stubborn and won't stop at nothing for things to go as planned or even stop at nothing to get what they want.

Like his twin, he has many demigod children that have either lived life to their fullest or died young due to being stubborn and not listening to their father or unpreventable events. Since he loves traveling, he is one of the few Kami gods that have children from other countries and continents. Due to travelling, he has more than fifty children from all around. Deceased or Living, Young or Old.


Likes: Travelling

Dislikes: What doesn't your character like?

Alignment: True Neutral


Family: Mother and Father are Izanami and Izanagi.

Twin brother: Raijin

All deities brothers and sisters.

Kiama - Daughter - Demigod child - Alive - Kenya - 38 - Has two children; Maternity Nurse.

Kamen - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - Japan - 23 - Medical School Student; Retail worker cashier.

Momoko - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - Japan - 15 - Leader of a popular Japanese idol girl group, Actress, Model, and Singer.

Zenshiro - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 17 - High School Student; Died by Monster bite.

David - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - Taiwan - 10 - Elementary School Student; Died by Monster Attack.

Angus - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - Scotland - 56 - Retired Critically Acclaimed Author; Three Children; One Grandchild.

Victoria - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - United States, New York - 28 - Kindergarten Teacher; Survived by two children; Died by 9/11 attack.

Hannah "Busty" Smith - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - United States, Michigan - 31 - Playboy model and Pornstar; Survived by five children; Died by monster attack.

Makoa - Son - Demigod Child - Alive -United States, Hawaii - 41 - Banker ; Has one child.

Hunter - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - New Zealand - 13 - Middle School Student; Died by Monster Attack. (Fujin didn't get there on time).

Micheal - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - New Zealand - 11 - Elementary School Student.

Zachary - Son - Demigod Child - Dead -Australia - 83 - Retired Hungry Jacks CEO; Survived by eight children; Nine grandchildren; Two Great Grandchildren; Died a happy life and of old age.

Aderyn - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - Wales UK -18 - High School Graduate; Died by a Monster attack at graduation, was unable to rescue other graduates.

Ceinwen - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - Wales UK - 16 - High School Student; Has one son.

Hywel - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - Wales UK - 20 - Truck Driver

Charlotte - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - England UK - 40 - CEO of Nando's; Has three children.

Norman - Son - Demigod Child- Alive - England UK - 5 - Kindergarten Student.

Mallorie - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 10 - Elementary School Student; Died in Tsunami. (Caused by Elodie)

Emi - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 21 - Art University Student; Died by tsunami (Caused by Elodie).

Chikao - Son/Twin of Chigusa - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 17 - High School Student and Famous Cosplayer; Died by Tsunami (Caused by Elodie).

Chigusa - Daughter/Twin of Chikao - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 17 - High School Student and Famous cosplayer; Died by Tsunami (Caused by Elodie).

Wateru - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 55 - Casino Service Worker - Died by Tsunami (caused by Elodie) along with his wife (A demigod daughter of Amaterasu) and their two daughters.

Arista - Daughter/Haifu - Demigod Child - Alive - Japan - 19 - Anime Storyboard Artist and Art student; Was able to survive the tsunami by doing the smart thing and using her powers to fly away.

Naoki - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - Japan - 34 - Successful Actor and Idol; Has one child.

Takahiro - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - Japan - 8 - Child Actor; Died by tsunami (Caused by Elodie).

Bram - Son- Demigod Child - Alive - The Netherlands - 39 - Journalist - Has no children.

Jasmijn - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - The Netherlands, Holland - 18 - Former Child Actress/ Teen Idol/ Controversial Movie Star - Has one daughter. (In a mental asylum due to monster attacks and regular human beings not believing her about them.)

Tse - Son/Twin of Yafeu - Demigod Child - Alive - Ghana, Africa - 47 - Banker - Has three children.

Yafeu - Son/Twin of Yafeu - Demigod Child - Alive - Ghana Africa - 47 - Governor of Accra - Has six children.

Thema - Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - Ghana, Africa - 22 - Journalist - No children; Died by Tsunami (Caused by Elodie) by travelling to capture the tsunami.

Corina -Daughter - Demigod Child - Dead - Germany - 79 - Retired Security Officer - Survived by two children' And four grandchildren. Died by cardiac arrest.

Erchard - Son - Demigod Child - Dead - Germany - 21 - World War II soldier - Survived by two sets of twins and a shitload of modern day descendants.

Emma - Daughter - Demigod Child - Alive - United States, Florida - 14 - Homeless; Teenage Runaway.

Daniel - Son - Demigod Child - Alive - Australia - 26 - Animal Shelter Owner.

Friends: Do you have any friends?

Acquaintances: Who do you know in passing?

Associates: Who do you do business with?

Organizations: What groups are you in?

History: What are some important events in your history?

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • As the master of the winds, he has absolute control and divine authority over the wind.
  • As the master of the winds, he can control the various aspects of weather.
  • He can also speak to the winds.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?


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