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Elodie Umiko

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Elodie Umiko

Post by Elodie on Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:02 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Elodie Umiko

Species: Demigod

Appearance: Elodie is of Greek and Japanese decent, She has dark hair that stops past her shoulders and almond shaped blue-green eyes. She is very short for her age and stands at the height of four feet and eleven inches and has a slender build from training in the real world. Her attire is just just normal everyday wear with different colors and jeans, due to horrible vision she wears blue rimmed glasses which occasionally slides to her nose.

Age: 17

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • High in strength, can lift a medium sized boulder
  • For a small package she is very fast, nimble and quick on her feet.
  • She isn't very agile, one of her weakest points is agility
  • The list goes on!


Internal Characteristics

Personality: She is a well-trained demigod, but she doesn't act like it. She is diagnosed with ADHD which can make her helpful in battle and dyslexia,and a social anxiety disorder which means she is always nervous talking or being around others, She isn't very charismatic and is very shy but is seen talking to her puppy Finn. It is very hard to break Elodie's shell but once you do she would start becoming more open with you, She gets very easily distracted from her short attention span and she doesn't have good memory which could result in calling people by different names or forgetting them, She is also very impatient. She can get taken advantage from her gullible acts, she is a neat freak and a perfectionist sometimes going out of her way to make things perfect. She is overly protective over her puppy and would fight anyone who tries to take him away from her or try to hurt him.

Habits/Quirks: Stuttering whenever she talks, biting her lower lip, tucking her hair behind her ear, tapping her foot.

Practicing with her katana
Fighting Monsters
Cleaning things up
Being around Friends
Cherry Blossom Trees

Dislikes:Rude people
When someone harms Finn
Overcrowded Places
The Gods
Dirty Surroundings
Sweating when talking to strangers or people



Family: Astrid- Deceased, Suijin- A god.

Friends: Finn is my only friend!

Acquaintances: Not yet

Associates: N/A

Organizations: N/A

History: Meanwhile in another universe a country called Australia in a city Adelaide, an average Greek woman named Astrid met an intelligent man of Japanese descent who called himself 'Kaito', After five months of becoming friends 'Kaito' would ask Astrid to be his girlfriend which she accepted and after awhile of dating they were in a heated moment and she was unexpectedly pregnant with a child. Unfortunately, 'Kaito' wasn't happy so after seven depressing months he disappeared leaving a pregnant Astrid alone in a small house with two bedrooms and no job. A month later, Astrid was rushed to the hospital giving birth to a premature baby girl. Astrid named the girl Elodie which in German means 'Uncertain, probably certain of wealth' which was strange since her mother wasn't really in a wealthy position.

After a few minutes of washing the baby and wrapping her in a blanket, the nurses walked back into the hospital room finding Astrid dead. In pity they sent Elodie to a local orphanage with a picture of both of her parents. Growing up, Elodie wasn't as normal as the other orphans. She was 'slow' and didn't learn the alphabet until she was about six while everyone was moving on to adding and subtracting numbers, her weak point was mostly reading and the other kids would laugh at her because she couldn't pronounce the words and said that the letters were like alphabet soup. By the age of ten she was put into the foster care system which moved her to Japan, keeping the picture she moved to Japan and was accepted into a home with two Japanese people who spoke fluent English with heavy accents and sixteen Japanese foster kids. After a night of restless sleep, she greeted one of the kids speaking fluent Japanese which confused her but she shrugged it off. After being sent off to one of the schools on one of the trains she heard two teenage girls having a conversation about Visual Kei and Lolita fashion and she completely understood them! She understood Kanji and could respond to teachers and students in fluent Japanese and she felt comfortable but that still left her confused as to why she could do it. She did have trouble adjusting to the Japanese lifestyle since it was very difficult.

Three months after moving to Japan, At midnight as Elodie headed for bed she looked around her room which she shared with two young girls and they were gone. She heard two hushed voices walked past her, she poked her head out of the doorway and saw two of the twin boys pass by her going to the large backyard where her foster parents had a bridge and a koi fish pond. With a rush of excitement, she followed them it eventually led up to where all of the sixteen children were standing around formed in a circle, some had symbols above their heads representing fire, the sun, lightning, and other symbols. Her foster father smiled when she appeared beckoning her to join the circle which she did standing between a girl who had a medicine bottle above her head and a boy who looked about her age who had the sun above his. Soon, everybody had holographic symbols over her head but she didn't, The foster mother looked at her husband in mere confusion until a storm crackled into the sky and rain started to fall. A handsome man with jet black hair wearing a suit appeared in the middle of a circle ignoring the children's screams and ignoring how much times they bowed to him as they get wet, he was super dry which was very odd and he was holding a Shiba Inu puppy who barked as lightning crackled into the sky again. The man walked over to Elodie and smiled speaking to her in eloquent perfect English telling her that he was her father and introduced himself as Suijin, that she had elemental powers affiliated with water and handed her the puppy giving it to her as a gift before vanishing. Elodie held the squirming puppy before looking down at her clothes which were dry, she looked around at the others and the foster came up to her; explaining how she and the other children were children of famous Japanese gods and goddesses or 'kami' as they were called in Japan, then all of a sudden she turned into a beautiful woman with long black hair wearing an expensive looking kimono she introduced herself as Otohime one of the Major kami who gave birth to a emperor and transformed into a dragon flying away, she told the demigods that she owned up to her mistakes from disappearing and wanted to teach living demigods how to live in Japan and pass as normal citizens. The foster father also transformed and introduced himself as Omoikane another Major Kami god who is the god of wisdom and intelligence. They would turn back into normal people, since it was the beginning of summer break they would tell the children to get up at seven a.m. and they soon disappeared.

The demigods would walk to their rooms, talking about who their parents were and wondering what they were going to do at seven a.m. After that night, things changed for Elodie she didn't know how to control her new-found powers and she gave her puppy a strange name which was 'Finn'. That morning, the two Kami that disguised themselves as Foster parents named her 'Umiko' which meant 'Child of the sea' since her father was a sea god. Training was tough, Elodie was the only person in the house that was struggling with fighting and controlling her powers it definitely frustrated the whole house and she was isolated and alone the only one she bonded with was Finn who couldn't speak but the puppy was the only thing she had... Three years later by the age of thirteen, Otohime put Elodie's puppy Finn in a terrible situation putting the puppy out of the home to see how Elodie would react. After cram school before taking her shoes off by the door, Elodie found that Finn was gone since he greeted her. Without warning, she stole one of the foster kids stainless steel katana and ran out of the house searching frantically searching for her puppy until she saw a couple of bad men and hoods trying to grab Finn and forcefully try to feed him chocolate by an abandoned park that had a bird pond and cherry blossom trees , This scene pushed Elodie to the edge she was too nervous to hold the katana but she managed to sheath it. She slowly walked over to them, telling them to leave Finn alone. The men laughed and refused which caused her to unsheath the katana waving the blade threateningly at them, she was really scared when one of them pulled out a switchblade and charged at her eventually causing her swing the katana at him it eventually only cut a fabric in his jacket. He cursed at her calling her a 'ragged foreigner' and swung the switchblade aiming at her collarbone. She screamed and cried, dropping the katana and holding onto the medium sized gash on her collarbone as the man tossed the other guys his switchblade which they used to grab the crying puppy and held it at his throat. This made Elodie very angry, she tried her best to remember what the two Kami taught her in the home. She swiftly elbowed the man who attacked her in the gut and ran at the one who held a switchblade to Finn's neck she kicked the switchblade out of his hand, in utter shock he swung at her. Elodie smirked, catching his fist and turning it as she stretched her free hand and smacked him straight in the nose. As the man staggered back, she looked at the one who was holding the dog he plainly didn't care much about how she handled those two but all of a sudden the bird pond started to shake and then break into tiny peaces as all of the water blew him back. Finn jumped into Elodie's arms as if he knew that would happen before the man was headed towards one of the cherry blossom trees. As the men picked up their friend and ran, Elodie ran over to the fallen katana trying to pick it up. As she bent down, she was approached by two feet and a hovering shadow; The young girl looked up seeing her foster father or the god Omoikane smiling and helping her up. He congratulated her, Otohime and all of the foster children came out from behind the cherry blossoms and clapped slowly bowing to her. Elodie, who was suppose to be happy was upset that they set her up! As one of the roommates too his katana back they gave her her own which she accepted. All she thought of was how her foster family set her up, what she didn't know was that they were trying to make her stronger. Through the years, she would pretend to trust them but she kept reminding herself of how they set her up and seeing Finn's sad puppy eyes from that day made her remember... It was her and Finn verses not only the foster home but the whole world...

A few years have passed and Elodie has became a stronger person, physically but not mentally. One day, Elodie had a nightmare about drowning and about losing Finn to gruesome god and how her father was trying to kill her... It was just a nightmare but it seemed to have effected everyone.. She was awoken by one of her new roommates who told her that she must get up quickly which she did. She found Finn barking at the window, her head was ponding and she felt as if all of her energy was gone. She put on her glasses and looked out and gasped, a tsunami was starting to rush towards them. Elodie caused this!? She scooped up Finn, grabbing a small bag of emergency supplies the foster parents packed up for her and her foster siblings  and ran out of the home with her pajamas on, she look over to where cars and people were being swept up from the tsunami. She was soon flying and landed on the rooftop where everyone else was. Later that day, they were stuck on the rooftop which was floating on top of the river along with their neighbors and other citizens who were holding on to wood from their homes, Otohime and Omoikane disappeared telling the kids that they would be right back and were going to ask Suijin Elodie's father to bring down the tsunami. But then there was a storm and the rooftop broke into large pieces of wood Elodie having the largest of all, some of the demigods drowned and others trued begging Elodie to help them. Elodie was sweating and looking around for Finn who was trying to struggle on the smallest piece of wood, She looked away from her fellow demigods wanting to reach out and pull them up but constantly remembering the 'setup' she used the wood as a kayak and swam over to Finn picking him up. She ignored the pleas and cries of the demigod children as they sank below the sea....

Elodie along with Finn hopped across each of the wood planks and rooftops to get somewhere that wasn't flooded until she was stopped by Otohime, Omoikane, and her father Suijin. They screamed at her and pointing her out as a selfish demigod, For her punishable acts and selfishness Otohime suggested slicing Elodie by the throat and letting Finn live. But the god of wisdom Omoikane thought that she should be sent to another universe, Suijin agreed so for her punishment all of the Major Kami used their powers to send Elodie and Finn to a universe worst than their own, hoping that she would learn a lesson or two......

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Holy Water Manipulation : A power from her father the Japanese God Suijin, Elodie can create, manipulate and control graceful waters

    • ADHD For The Win!: Unlike a regular human, Elodie's ADHD hard wires her for battle.

    • I'm Much Better Than Some Humans, Am I?: Elodie relatively stronger, more agile, and more durable than regular humans to a certain extent.

  • Weapon Summons: Elodie can summon her weapons at will.


Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  •  Tonbogiri - Her first katana, was received on the day she decided not to trust anyone. 

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