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Post by Riley Oran on Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:33 am

External Characteristics

Name: Talis

Species: Vampire (Alpha)

Appearance: A tall, brooding individual with long, silver hair. His face is chiseled, thick. His eyes are narrow and serious, his brow heavy. His expression seems blank. His upper body is well built, a clear V-Shape. His muscles are well toned and highly visible. His appearance overall is attractive, but his cold gaze is off-putting. His red eyes seem lifeless and grip the soul of the one who meets him. His general appearance is of a man in his late twenties.

Age: 1571

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Talis' abilities are nearly cosmic in scope, imbued by Death's aspect with extreme powers. While not nowhere near as strong (or even comparable to) an angel, a demon, or an aspect of Death, Talis is generally stronger than any mortals he encounters. He is stronger than a pure-blooded Tedranog Dragon but can be subdued by one if they are more clever than him. It would easier to overpower him with two or more dragons./i]

Internal Characteristics

Personality: [i]A Death Knight's first duty... is to death. Death Knights are a mostly emotionless sect dedicated to the protection of Death, and its wards. To this end, Death Knights are, while un-living, not of the un-dead. They are allies of Death, chosen from among the rank of living, dead, and undead to be guardians of death. Like most Death Knights, Talis stands watch over an ancient cemetery were he has slumbered for years, loyally and with utter dedication attuning his soul-blade to the corpses of the spirits sleeping in the earth. He follows the Death Knight code before all else, which consists of three laws.

  1.  The first duty is to the Glory of Death. This demands that all foes the Death Knight faces in battle fall before his blade. He is not to spare anyone, barring special circumstance. 
  2.  The second duty is to the Sanctity of Death: The Death Knight must control the undead when they rampage, and end all mockeries to death without discrimination. The Death Knight is never to engage in necromancy, or his powers will be lost. The Death Knight is to kill all he encounters who dabble in Necromancy.
  3.  The third duty is to the Honor of Death: Regardless of alignment, a Death Knight's word is his bond. It is the most sacred of the three duties. If the Death Knight makes a promise, it is kept no matter what. Even if the Death Knight falls, he would rise again as an abomination to carry out his task until the time had come to an end. However, the Death Knight's honor demands that he repay sleights against him with retribution, and that he repay all kindness paid to him with favors. The only permissible breaking of the first two duties is under oath, and in those cases if the infractions are severe, retribution is more than justified.

Outside of those tenets, Talis' personality is rigid which makes it uncomfortable to interact with him. He is fairly merciless and extremely blunt, not caring for pleasantries and often offending those he talks to. He is capable of emotion but represses it out of duty, only showing flashes of emotion when totally necessary to his mission. He is gruff and stern, highly educated in the occult and unafraid to show it. He also does not hide from view wearing his armor and brandishing his sword in public, seeing mortals as all vainly struggling to escape the inevitability he represents-- the end of the line. Talis is fairly arrogant, seeing himself as he truly is: an embodiment of the wrath of Death.

Traces of Talis' former nobility are still evident. He carries himself regally, and pauses upon observing churches. Theses are reminders to him of a past life that he views as inconsequential. The one thing he does carry however, he keeps hidden in his locket. He once said, before falling into his eternal sleep, that "If my soul rests in my sword, then my heart lays its head in this locket."

Likes: Honorable People

Dislikes: Emotions, The Undead, Dissident

Alignment: Death


Family: N/A

Friends: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Associates: N/A

Organizations: Death Knights


  • In Talis' former life, he was a Paladin who hunted creatures of the occult
  • Talis was bitten by a Vampire and attempted to starve himself to Death after he changed
  • An aspect of Death appeared, offered him mercy, and urged him into the sunlight
  • Talis was resurrected by the aspect as a Death Knight
  • Talis was lead to a Crypt where necromancers were conducting experiments and killed them
  • Talis was placed into an eternal sleep within the graveyard, only awakening to guard it against desecration
  • After Alexander escaped Tartarus, Death roused Talis from sleep with the intention of sending him after Alexander.


  • As a Vampire, Talis can smell blood
  • As a Death-Empowered Vampire (Alpha Vampire) Talis no longer burns in the sunlight
  • Talis can see perfectly in total darkness
  • A Death Knight can track both the Undead and "Sin" (Fel) creatures
  • Talis' spark is within his sword. If his sword is destroyed he can will it back to form, but if it is taken from his possession then he is greatly weakened
  • Talis is already dead, and must be completely destroyed to truly die
  • Talis is adept at using darkness, ice, and unholy magics. he can flush all light out of an area and make it pitch black, coat an entire forest in frost simply by having a presence there, and in rare cases will even rip a spark straight out of a mortal shell. He will, of course, replace it after if he is not supposed to claim it. Talis' general magic potential is immense, and the above are only minor examples of his power. All of these are powered by Sin Energy.
  • Talis can heal himself by drinking or coming into contact with blood


  • Talis carries Mor, his Soulblade, at all times. The sword is unholy and very difficult to break. It also very powerful and sharp, capable of cleaving through solid hunks of metal with the proper amount of force behind it. The sword is a focal point of his dark magic, and through it he casts powerful spells. When removed from his possession, Talis becomes very weak.
  • Talis carries around a sealed locket at all times. The locket is kept closed by a special protection magic.
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