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Yuuvi Barakas

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Yuuvi Barakas

Post by Artless_Artist on Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:55 pm

Yuuvi Barakas

Concept: A Traitor to his race and a friend of his enemy, Yuuvi disguises himself as a human in Crisis even though he is a Chimerae Amaranth of Greater Power. A Wealthy, Eccentric Man; He commands an entire organization of people known as the Barakas Foundation, an large group of well trained mercenaries for hire, focused more on the battlefront of the war. Along with him are his phantoms, highly specialized soldiers taught under his command...and not all of them are human.

Current Status:
Switching between gaining allies from the other countries and fighting on the African Front.

Appearance: As a Greater Amaranth under disguise in the human world known as Earth, Yuuvi has two forms; A Human and his Amaranthian Form. He is around a young adult age in both forms.

In his Human Form, Michael is actually pretty short- he stands five feet and six inches in height, and is actually pretty lightweight for someone of a proportionate weight as well. Known to be a "Blonde Bishonen", he appears with extremely fair skin and sandy blonde hair that covers most of his neck and most of his left eye, his physical shape appears a lot more feminine than he would like. Sporting heterochromic eyes, it's colors are a calculating blue and a burning orange in his left and right eye, respectively. In terms of clothing, he tends to dress for the occasion, but keeps it loose and flowing in mechanics so as to fight at a moments notice.

When he pulls away his bishonen 'mask' Michael isn't as familiar as one might think. Keeping to the same stature and physical shape of his mask, he decidedly gains a few new traits. First is his color scheme- His skin turns a sickly bluish hue, his hair turns a rough silver and becomes more feral- much like a lions mane. Along with this, he sports similar heterocromic eyes; although they've turned into a cool silver and a bright gold rather than the original blue/red color from before. Along with the scheme, he grows sharp red fangs along with his white teeth, easily visible even when he closes his mouth, along with a white snake tail and a similarly colored pair of bat wings.

He looks decidedly more feral and sinister in this form, and there is a magically generated aura of fear that is constantly put off.


+  Overall, Yuuvi shows himself as a polite, good natured man, if a little eccentric. While this may not always be true, he does try to keep face.

+ Has the aura of a commander, and carries a noble bearing at all times, most would feel calmer near him, if not pacified.

+ Known to be quite ruthless on the battlefield.


+ Yuuvi is prone to eccentricity, meaning he is prone to doing things his way without regard for the current plans others already have.

+ Has a taste for the vices, especially lust. Fortunately, it is more of lust for blood rather than skinship.

+ Doesn't like to be told no. Often found getting into things that "are none of his business" and things he isn't "in the know".


+ The greatest bond he has is actually to his Organization and those inside it, nothing more.


+ Responsiblity and Freedom, He feels responsible for the humans, both those under his charge and not. He fights to keep their freedom and their world, despite the times he may not actually seem like it.


Yuuvi is a Greater Amaranth, meaning he is greater in ability than his amaranthian kin, and even more so than a human.

STRENGTH: 1/10; For a Greater Amaranth, he is poor. Even normal amaranth can take advantage of this.

DEXTERITY: 7/10; Yuuvi is nimble, quick and silent on his feet. Extremely dexterous compared to other Greater Amaranth, and seemingly glides everywhere he goes.

CONSTITUTION: 1/10; Poor Constitution for one of his race, this is actually one of the only things he has as a physical weakness in, and even regular amaranth can take advantage of it.

INTELLIGENCE: 7/10; Yuuvi is capable of thinking faster, clearer and is a better strategist than most give him credit for.

WISDOM: 7/10; Yuuvi has a strong gut feeling that is rarely wrong. Is very streetwise and has a strong common sense about him, and more life experience than one might gather.

CHARISMA: 7/10; A socialite if there ever was one, he is capable of charming many people, even without magic. Tends to get more for less when he is the one talking.

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Post by Artless_Artist on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:23 pm


Yuuvi knows all four of the current schools of magic around a moderate understanding, with some differences. This has to do with the fact that he is trying to make his own school of magic, and does need to study from the sources in order to do so. 

Destruction: MODERATE. although with a few quirks. His best destruction magic work around elements and concepts rather than the general source, and does tie in the necessities of verbal cues in order to get them going. In order to make a new element chain, he requires interaction with said element in order to base his analysis around it and formulate the magic. 

Analysis: HIGH. This is one of his best and most necessary schools that he feels he needs. Yuuvi's Analysis Magic allows him to interact with certain things and concepts and be able to break it down into Magical Concepts; allowing him to wield said object with greater efficiency. He uses this to better understand what he is working with, and while he can point out what is wrong with a certain spell or artifact, he will most likely be using this to understand more about the magic he is about to create.

Creation: MODERATE. Yuuvi himself doesn't necessarily use this often, Creation Magic is undoubtedly still one of the more important things he uses. Capable of Healing and Defensive Magics in the Form of Elements It shares the same quirks as his Destruction Magic, only opposite in it's ideals. He still requires the verbal tics that his Destruction Magic is known for, and still requires the interaction of elements in order for him to know its defensive properties. Among this, he is minor in knowledge of Transportation Portals, although he requires the use of two focal points in order for travel. 

Transformation: LOW. At most he is able to Transform one's vision of reality, often called Illusion, and is capable of bending light and shadow.

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Post by Artless_Artist on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:24 pm

This is a WIP.

"It's the Journey, Not the Destination."

The Gift That Was A Curse

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Re: Yuuvi Barakas

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