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The Lepus Empty The Lepus

Post by Artless_Artist on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:04 pm

Race Name: The Lepus, or Lepii for plural. Often called Rabbit-Women on occasion.

General Overview: The Lepus race are comprised of a wholly female species of a rabbit-esque appearance. Found in both tribal and urban environments, all are known for their exceptional intelligence and their powerful legs, often utilizing this for different areas of life. This race is known to be vegetarian in nature, although there have been a few diverts who frequent meat.

Physical Description: The species of Lepus are found only in the Female Gender, due to an innate genetic trait rendering them unable to have a male of their own species. However, they are able to birth one child of the fathers species, in which its most often a male child. Other than this trait, The Lepus are often found to be around five to six feet in height and are often found in a very fit or lithe shape.

Another obvious fact is their basic appearance. Besides being in various shapes and sizes, they retain most of the physical traits that are often found in the kingdom of rabbits, Lepii actually find many human elements, but there are several traits that make these creatures stand out in a crowd. First, is that they are slightly humanoid in appearance, and have female assets that are commonly linked to the human race, as well as a partially human facial structure, mixed with subtle lapine features; Lepii have several physical traits that identify with their rabbit history.

For one, Lepii are furry creatures; adorning their appearance in a variety of natural colors. The fur is soft to the touch, and is relatively thin in appearance, which leads most of the race going clothed, with the rare exception of the fur who sport thicker fur. This fur leads into their hands and feet, which are rabbit like in appearance, their feet capable of being digigrade and plantigrade when calm or excited. Another fact is their ears, which are actually hyper-attuned to sound, and are rather emotive which many people look for in this species due to the various and often complex movement they make (some are even able to control their ears!) as well as their tail.

Lepii are often found with bigger eyes than most, allowing them more expressions at a deeper level than what something else would, and eye colors are found in a variety of colors as well. Possibly the oddest thing about this breed is that they do, in fact, have hair of a different color than their fur.

Standard or Common Personality Traits: Although most of this isn't set in stone, and an individual is often structured by their environments, most Lepii have an outstanding amount of curiosity. This is one of the most prevalent little quirks that they have, and even those that don't identify themselves as curious, will on occasion, give into that trait. Along with that, they have an infinite desire for adventure, although each Lepii are judged by their own definitions.

Other than these, Lepii literally run the gamut of Personalities, and they are all judged by their own individuality.

Alignment: A Lepii's alignment is both easy to gain, and easy to lose. Most have a healthy respect for life, and some might even call it an affection for it, so one isn't going to find many of the world conquering variety (at least one that is taken seriously), and most are community based creatures that find themselves depressed when alone in a various amount of time, most might find them as law abiding citizens.

Society: Lepii Society is split into two different ideals- Tribal, and Urban. Tribal Lepii are often a bit more "Feral" than their urban counterparts, and are often a bit off-kilter in their ideals, especially considering the status of men. One could easily say Tribal Lepii are more of an "Amazonian" society, and as such many believe that a "Female" is greater in the social hierarchy than that of the Male, and the weaker sex should be protected. This doesn't mean it is necessarily a bad thing- Males are still treated well, and one might say even comfortably.

Urban Society finds itself like many of the other races in an urban environment, and this variant harbors a pitiful and slightly aggravated outlook to their Tribal Sisters, considering them primitive and vulgar. Most Urban Lepii find themselves attracted to Adventuring, Marketing and Political Professions, but this isn't by far the only things an individual Lepus is interested in. A little note is that Urban Lepii are far more considerate to a male than their Tribal counterparts, and treat the genders of the other races rather equally.

Culture: Like the Society, it is wildly varied on if the Society in question is a Civil or a Tribal one. For the tribal one, a tell-tale sign isn't the structure of the building, but rather the people. For one, many don't go clothed for the simple fact that their fur has grown out to comfortably protect them from the weather. Another fact is the presence of males, or rather the reaction to the presence of males. While most aren't unkind to the opposite sex, a male will still be treated with more whispers than a female would.

As for the Civil, or rather Urban one; This is even more variant. They tend to take after the culture of the town or city they reside in, and applying themselves from there. This by no means should be understood as they are lacking of their own culture; All Lepii are actually most fond of Cuisine and the pursuit of good food, especially vegetables. They are also known to be master cooks; and many prefer to get their ingredients fresh, sometimes catching it themselves. 

They are an intellegent, and respectful race for the most part; many keep themselves out of violence but the gloves are off if one raises their ire. They might actually find that the entire family or species as a whole hate them, being that Lepii are a community reliant species.

Relations with other Races: The Lepii hold themselves to be respectful as they can, even to the most unsavory of people, and would rather hate you as an individual than slur against your race, although they won't shame from using other races slurs to describe you. However, if you do manage to anger one; you might as well work to fix it, because until you do many communities of Lepii will shun you, even if they won't throw you out.

Physical or Spiritual Abilities: Although it really varies by the individual, most Lepii are assumed to have the standard, stereotypical strength in the lower body. Lepii are somewhat notorious with their bounding habits, and the most powerful of legs have been known to jump nearly fourteen feet in the air. Likewise, it would be safe to assume that all Lepii can switch to a plantigrade foot to a Digigrade foot, plantigrade for normal travel (like a human or other plantigrade creature) or Digigrade for bounding around easier. However, some have been known to stick with one pattern, and never use the other so it really is dependent on the individual.

As for everything else; they tend to be well balanced as long as the Individual wishes it and can learn anything they so wish.

Famous Characters/Common Folklore: Although this race is fairly new to Tedranog; or at least newly documented, There are three different "Aspects" of the Lepii race they look up to. One is "Lucky", a curious rabbit who always has tales to tell simply because of her mischievous nature and ability to get into things, and out of them as well. The other is "The Queen", a benign Lepus who always seems to find a Community, and many Lepii pray to her to find themselves in the company of others while they are long lost.

And the last one could be considered an aspect of death, The Grey Rabbit. This is just as benign as the other three, but this one doesn't shy away from taking those whose time is up away from their family. This is one of the more particular aspects of their culture, and many actively fear those unfortunate Lepus who happen to have grey fur.

History: A fairly new race, especially considering the age of Tedranog's other denizens, not much about them is old, besides that which is already documented. Further Details will be uncovered as they go along.

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