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Post by Riley Oran on Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:53 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Robt

Species: Drelk

Appearance: Tall, thin and green, Robt is scaly with terrifying predator's eyes. A face not unlike a raptor and with rows of razor sharp teeth (and slightly less sharper claws) Robt is a feared assassin throughout most of Radix, though nobody knows his true name. Despite being thin, his muscles are quite robust. He has a long, thin tail capable of even greater dexterity than his hands, though it is no stronger than a single arm. Down his spin starting from the base of his neck are small spine-plates protruding straight-out from his back.

Age: 34

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • Robt is on par in terms of strength with an Amaranth soldier
  • Robt is extremely fast, able to outrun some motor vehicles.
  • Robt is extraordinarily agile
  • Robt's bones are hollow. Despite his speed and agility, his bones are relatively easily broken, as they are designed to withstand stress on the skeletal frame from landings, not taking hits

Internal Characteristics

Personality: A cocky blabber-mouth who talks to his rifle, Robt is an extremely annoying person to deal with outside of a work environment. Loud, boisterous and obnoxious, Robt seemingly never stops talking. Even on his missions he takes, he typically mutters to himself about how great he is. There is no inferiority complex or Freudian excuse, he simply is "that great". At least that's the story he maintains for the sake of his pride. In reality, he was abused as a child. Instead of withdrawing from the world, he embraced it and became determined to be the center of attention.

Amoral and clever, Robt uses his wit to take down a plethora of foes. In most cases he's been able to execute missions without firing a single shot. In others, a single shot is all he needed. He is loyal to the voice in his head, and the money in his pocket in that order. He's not without empathy, but if it's inconvenient than it's easy enough to shed.

Habits/Quirks: Robt frequently talks to himself

Likes: Churros and meat

Dislikes: Veggies and other smart-asses


Family: Mother and Father in an alternate dimension

Friends: N/A

Acquaintances: N/A

Associates: Jake Giffan

Organizations: N/A


  • Robt is born to his two parents
  • At a young age, Robt enlists in the military to escape his abusive family life
  • After three years, Robt is drafted into a first-response military task force
  • Robt, during a mission, falls into a temporary breach while pursuing a target
  • Robt becomes a gun-for-hire in Radix
  • Jake Giffan begins to hire Robt for a number of jobs, mostly assassinations
  • Robt gains more clients and becomes a success 
  • Robt opens a 'private security firm' in Latonia as a front for his shadier business


  • Robt always carries his silenced .905 caliber bolt-action rifle, appropriately named Mister Bang. Despite the fact that it's silenced, the size of the bullet means that's it's still really loud when it fires. The weapon weighs roughly seventy pounds when fully loaded, and is accurate within 2 inches up to three miles from the target. It comes with a stand for increased precision. Bullet travels at 4500 FPS
  • As well as his rifle, Robt also carries a sidearm-- a 28 milimeter eight-chambered revolver. The ammunition inside is fired as a normal bullet with massive, hilariously impractical recoil. However, the nitro-point bullet is highly explosive. A single shot from this weapon is able to completely obliterate most forms of armor, as this pistol (from his days in the military) is capable of destroying highly advanced armored vehicles. The pistol weighs ten pounds, and is effective up to 100 yards. It is aptly named Period. The bullet travels at 1500 FPS
  • One of three different kinds of bladed weapons Robt carries, the Vibro-Blade is a metal sword that extended from three folded segments. They extend, lock, and begin to vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency. The noise can be heard by beings whose hearing is sufficient to hear high-pitched sounds. The blade is approximately one atom thick at its sharpest. The blade can cleave through solid metal. It's a lightweight weapon, weighing only two pounds
  • Another of three blades carried by Robt, the Taser is an electrified, ballistic dagger carrying a charge of twelve million volts which it can discharge up to three times on a single battery. The blade can be fired up to twenty feet. The blade is six inches long
  • The final blade carried by Robt, the Nova is a replacement blade for the Taser once the blade has been fired. The Nova is made of a rare material that retains and exponentially gains heat once removed from its container. The blade is super-heated to about one-thousand degrees. Unlike the Taser's main blade, the Nova is not ballistic and cannot be fired. The Nova is a combat knife, and the blade is twelve inches in length
  • Robt carries twelve Riot-control pepper-smoke bombs in a pouch on his belt at all times. The bombs are about the size of a marble, and can be detonated via both a switch upon the top, substantial kinetic impact or remote detonation
  • Robt carries two flash-bang pellets that are the size of a marble in a pouch on his belt
  • Robt carries five explosive pellets in a pouch on his belt. The explosion is small, but potent enough to shatter a cement wall
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