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Solomon Black

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Solomon Black

Post by Solomon Black on Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:21 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Solomon Black

Species: Human

Appearance: Solomon is 6'3" with long black hair and green eyes. He has a extremely large scar on the right side of his head from just under his right eye to the base of his neck.

Age: 33 Eternally (Been alive for 1533 consecutive years)

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  •  Nearly Unlimited Strength
  •  Nearly Unlimited Speed
  •  Nearly Unlimited Agility
  •  Nearly Unlimited Endurance

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Solomon is at his heart a neutral character. A mercenary. He fights for whatever side would give him the best incentive and without one he does not fight. Unless, mass genocide will occur. Solomon is still human, and not evil. He will stop a horrible evil from destroying a planet but otherwise will not get involved. However, even with time he still feels human emotion... no matter how hard he fights it. Never bring up his sister, he will lose his shit.

Habits/Quirks: He scratches his scar when bothered or when thinking.

Likes: Making a profit, fighting a fair fight and teasing Death.

Dislikes: Being Immortal.

Alignment: Nuetral 


Family: All Deceased

Friends: James White. [Lost in Time.]

Acquaintances: Death

Associates: Whoever gives Solomon what he wants.

Organizations: None

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • Solomon begins his training at the temple on his home world at the age of 9, given up by his family and forced into the monk like lifestyle at the temple.
  • Solomon trains for the next 15 years and becomes one of three prodigal member of the temple, mastering the elements with his will. He finished his training and has one last task with his two brothers. Enter the Void and return alive.
  • Solomon and James complete this task. Juan, does not, and dies. Now able to harness the powers of time and space, even more powerful than their mentor they set out. Solomon returns to his family, both parents dead but sister alive and stays low key for seven years with his sister and James.
  • The Shattering happens.
  • James unable to control the vast mysteries of Time and is lost the energy levels the entire kingdom killing every instantly, except for Solomon. Solomon's sister is killed also.
  • When Solomon learns of his sisters death he laments and falls into his studies of power in an attempt to retrieve James and bring back his sister. Travelling through time and space to find a way but before he leaves in an attempt to wipe away their misdeeds
  • Solomon meets Death. Nothing is accomplished but Death learning of Solomon's eternal spark.
  • Centuries pass and neither goal is completed. Solomon regresses into a almighty being who only interferes when necessary. Solomon wanders dimensions, worlds, planets, planes. Meeting humans, gods, demigods and the like.

Abilities: What are your characters abilities?

  • Elemental/Spacial/Dimensional/Time Manipulation
  • Able to create/dissipate anything
  • Immortality of his Spark/Soul
  • Can place his spark in an empty body
  • Able to replicate himself/conceal his power completely
  • Can read a human mind and capable of other physic powers.
  • Is able to locate and track immense power sources that are not hidden. Including that of Gods and Deity's.
  • Able to bestow onto a human, a single power of manipulation for a single element and all the knowledge of how to use it.

Item: What items do you usually have on hand?

  • A simple longsword.
  • A pistol.
  • A pair of dice
  • A cellphone
  • A necklace with a silver rose
Solomon Black

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