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Ezrion Arbusa

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Ezrion Arbusa

Post by Ezrion on Thu May 01, 2014 6:38 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Ezion Arbusa, Chaos incarnate

Species: Human

Appearance: Ezrion is 6'1”, with shoulder length black hair, covered head to toe in tattoo's. Eye colour changes from day to day, depending on his preference.

Age: Appears to be around his mid twenties, but in actuality has lived for hundreds of years.


  • Near limitless Strength
  • Nearly limitless Speed
  • Nearly limitless agility
  • Near infinite endurance and stamina

Internal Characteristics

Personality: In a word: Unpredictable. One minute he could be your best friend, the next he's breaking your neck and stealing your girlfriend. Ezrion tends to act kind most of the time, though this may just come off as him being simple, and can be a real psycho in battle, or any time his anger is even slightly irked. Because of his random switches in mood its nearly impossible to deal with him for extended period of time.

However he has infrequent moments of 'Hyerclarity' where essentially he becomes so focused on his task that his emotions and mental state stabilize, and his true nature can be seen. However this is a rare occurrence, usually brought about by extreme stress or need.

Despite this Ezrion never stops paying attention during interactions with people, and can sustain entire conversations, so long as nothing else interrupts, or otherwise captures his attention.

Habits/Quirks: Constant shifting of his mood, occasionally talks to himself.

Likes: Candy, and other sweet things. Talking, and generally being outside.

Dislikes: Evil Squirrels, and spicy food.

Alignment: Chaotic Stupid


Family: All deceased

Friends: Not yet

Acquaintances: Nobody

Associates: No one

Organizations: None Yet


  • Pure Chaos enters Ezrion's mothers womb, altering the unborn baby, changing it into a vessel for itself.
  • At age 10 Ezrion begins to develop his powers, and his normal mannerisms begin to become more eratic.
  • Age 15 Ezrion accidentally loses control of Chaos and kills his entire family, diving him further into the madness caused by his unity with Chaos.
  • Ezrions body stops visibly ageing at 23, and his powers grow
  • Ezrion began travel the multiverses, and continues to do so


  • The control and Manipulation of Chaos itself.
  • Can alter non-living things by touch
  • Can erode living and non-living tissue with prolonged contact


  • A fox mask, usually secured to his belt.
  • A sword made from pure Chaos, it tends to not function as a sword sometimes. However, has the same properties as his touch does.
  • Random little knick-knacks

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