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A Rare Find

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Re: A Rare Find

Post by Aetra on Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:42 am

Continuing on, she dug without actually thinking about where she was digging to exactly... Despite her attempts, many questions kept invading her thoughts, making it very hard to concentrate. It was a short, and rather quiet time, before their dig was... interrupted.
The ground vibrated quietly, nothing anyone would have noticed if they weren't paying attention, but she knew better. Her ears perked up slightly, she froze in place, making sure it wasn't just a trick of the mind. Surely enough however, it was proven to be quite real. A second, somewhat more noticeable tremor, and one within moments of that that actually could be felt. ....It was coming. She then spoke under her breath.


She stood motionless for just a moment, noise was the last thing they wanted to make right now. Squinting, she slowly turned her head towards her guest, and motioned for silence. She reached over and grabbed her unishield, carefully setting the shovel down as the tremors grew more abrupt. She pulled a dagger out of a slot on the shield, motioning towards the weapon, she was hoping he understood, to be ready for the creature. She carefully took one step backwards, standing in a rather rigid pose. She kept her eyes moving, and her ears twitching in various directions, hoping to detect the creature. The Wurms were far less worried about collateral damage, and more worried about food. Nuye was in idle, the only way she knew how to fight them, was with her unit.

"If only I could get to it...."

She muttered under her breath once more, half hoping he could hear her, but likely as not, he couldn't. She didn't want to know the inside of a wurm now, not after having come so far. Cursing at her luck mentally, she tightened her grip on the blade she was still holding... This wouldn't be pretty....


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Re: A Rare Find

Post by Felix Lucas on Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:27 pm

Felix was walking over to his bike again, having handed his shovel to NORM, when he felt the first tremor. At first his mind jumped to a tectonic shift, that maybe foretold of a coming earthquake, but judging from Aetras reaction to the slight tremor this wasn't the case. It was then that he remembered her warning from earlier. He looked over at her as another slightly larger tremor shook the ground, and licked his lips in a slight panic. HE wasn't carrying his weapons, not that that posed much of a problem.

Felix flexed his hands, glad he already had thought to put on his rune-gloves, and an idea came to him. He had in fact heard her whispered comment, though barely. He gestured for her to keep very still. He reached one hand towards his bike, and raised his hand, the bike lifting off of the ground with the movement. He carefully gestured it to turn and slowly hovered it over to Aetra. He hoped she would understand. He was going to levitate her straight to the cockpit of Nuye, using his bike as a focal for his technomancy.

He knew there couldn't be much time left before this... thing should up, and he had just put himself in the most vulnerable of positions. Reaching his free hand into a hidden pocket inside his jacket Felix pulled out a small device, and placed his thumb on the scanner. a green light flashed and a holographic screen popped up. With a quick series of motions and presses Felix put the device back. Reinforcements were on their way, en masse.

Felix Lucas

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