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Post by squidkid11 on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:38 pm

External Characteristics

Name: Amaya

Species: Dragon/wolf hybrid

Appearance: Amaya is a brilliant white wolf with black socks on the ends of her long legs, black tipped ears, and a black tipped tail. Her muzzle is slightly longer than a normal wolves, and her eyes are deep blue. She is also extra fluffy, which is why you can often not see her rather large wings. when extended, each one her wings are around 1.5 times her length long, and the membrane runs from her shoulder down to around halfway down her tail. The wing bone/fingers are also covered in white fur, and the tips are also black. The membrane is mainly white, but the ends fade into black. 

Age: She's fairly young, 2 in Canine years, 20 in dragon.


  • She's not particularly strong, but she can hold her own against most enemies
  • She's very fast, both land and air ,on account of her long legs and large wings
  • See above for agility

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Amaya is very rough'n'tumble, doesn't particularly care about getting down and dirty in the mud or water, and is always willing to wrestle, race, etc. She can be very sarcastic and snarky, and sometimes comes across downright rude, but she really does mean well and would never want to see another hurt. She will trust very easily, and will become a friend for life. Just watch out for when you break that trust without a good explanation.

Habits/Quirks: She tends to get into fights and mud. A lot.

Likes: mud, playing, water, fun, activity, races, her friends, other rough'n'tumble people

Dislikes: being a "girly-girl", "girly-girls", sitting around and doing noting

Alignment: Nuetral with a good tendancy


Family: Both were wolves, unknown where her dragon heritage came from Mother: Lilith(abandoned her because of her wings)Father: Roren (killed in a fight) 

Friends: Some in her Pack

Acquaintances: Most in her pack

Associates: Her Pack

Organizations: Her Pack

History: Amaya was immediately an outcast, from the moment she was born. Her moth and pack immediately shunned her because of her strange appearance, and her father went with her, saying: "Your mother and pack may hate your for being unique, but I for one cherish it." These words have been her personal motto and lifelong rule, which explains her crazy attitude. Not long after she turned 1(canine years)/10(dragon years) her father was killed while defending her from an attacking wolf who feared her for her dragon heritage. She finally met up with others of her kind and created a pack of dragon/wolf hybrids.


  • She can fly
  • She is very fast
  • She can swim pretty well
  • She can sorta breath fire, though it drains her and she can't do it for very long-this coming from her dragon side

Nothing really. Though mud is not uncommon.

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