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Shadow Selves (WIP)

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Shadow Selves (WIP)

Post by Ptolemy Ravenway on Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:44 pm

Race Name: Shadow Selves

General Overview:Beings that exist in all the realms, despite being rare in their formation, the Shadow Selves originated in a universe now forgotten. Much about them was also forgotten, but this much is known: A shadow self is only created in two ways: Repressing or attempting to ignore the faults in yourself, or gaining an ancient power to wield one's "heart" as an outward force. The shadow selves also retain a vestige of this power at all levels of power..though the ones that reach their peak are able to take on the form that they were meant to take, and use their own "Heart" in the same way, allowing them to team up with a monstrous beast that towers over most other beings. However, because they were originally meant to become symbols of good over evil, each and every shadow self, once they become their own being, possess the power of freedom. This makes them immune to the one omnipotent force in the multi-verse: Fate. They exist outside of it by forcing their way out of the shackles that bind most beings. Because of this, Shadow Selves have been known to, at higher levels of power, be able to assimilate the knowledge and ability to use powers native to other universes. They are only able to assimilate one power per universe however, and once assimilated, they cannot be switched for another one. Shadow selves are very much an adaptable foe, so one must be careful in dealing with them.

Physical Description: Shadow Selves are one of the most versatile races in terms of shape, being able to take on humanoid or extremely non humanoid forms. That makes the physical description of a shadow self hard to pin down. The only exception to this is that most shadow selves have eyes that glow with their own light.

Standard or Common Personality Traits: The shadow selves have only two major quirks: They tend to be the opposition of what their original form was in terms of personality, and they tend to be fairly apathetic in general personality, unless anger was a repressed problem with the original.

Alignment: Neutral, with any needed modifier
Society: Due to their varied nature, Shadow Selves do not have a society, rather, they focus solely on the individual, themselves. It is extremely rare, if not downright nonexistent to find a group of shadow selves working together towards a common goal.
Culture: N/A, see Society

Relations with other Races: The Shadow selves tend to have the same relations with other races that their original race held, making them extremely varied, and even less of a race as a whole.

Physical or Spiritual Abilities:

  • Shadow Selves are able to wield their dark hearts as an outward force, enabling them to turn into massive beasts, and at the peak of their power, summon one as an ally.
  • Shadow Selves possess Freedom, allowing them to work outside of the binds of fate
  • Shadow Selves also possess the Enigmatic power, allowing them to do things that would normally contradict their very existence. The strength of the Enigmatic power, and what it does, varies between Shadow Selves.
  • Astral Projection
  • The ability to assimilate any one power from each of the universes, but it cannot be replaced, so they must choose wisely
  • Masterful Control over darkness, and the ability to use the shadow nexus, the paths of transportation between all shadows
  • Any abilities their original race held

Famous Characters/Common Folklore: None, because of the sheer focus on the individual. However, there is only one known shadow self at the moment: Ptolemy Ravenway.

History: (The Race of the History. You'd want this to be as detailed as possible, noting a few major events along with your races inception- If you have trouble, toss ideas around with the local god or the one who created the world that will be sponsoring your race~)
Ptolemy Ravenway

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