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Post by Elodie on Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:43 pm

External Characteristics

Izanami-no-Mikoto  Render_geisha

Name: Izanami-no-Mikoto

Species: Kami Goddess of creation and death

Appearance: Izanami-no-Mikoto is a very beautiful goddess, she has a very pale complexion since she lives in Yomi and hasn't seen sunlight for a long time. She resembles a geisha, her hair tied in a bun and dressed in fine and expensive robes. She stands at five feet and ten inches, much taller than her husband.

Age: 100,000,000 + years

Statistics: Your Physical condition

  • How strong are you?
  • How fast are you?
  • How agile are you?
  • The list goes on!

Internal Characteristics

Personality: Izanami is a very independent woman, she rules Yomi (The Shinto underworld) with grace and well.. manipulation. She is easily impatient, when her and Izanagi were getting married she was the one that spoke up first when Izanagi was suppose to speak which caused them to have two deformed children. After this, she became a conformist, always following tradition and hating when things are 'out of the box'. She hates difference, and she hates it when people think they are above her.

Despite being a bitch, she is a loving mother to all of her children, negligent, but loving. She strongly dislikes anything that isn't her idea of normal: Demigods. She is the one that made up the "NO DEMIGODS" law. She is a huge bigot, refusing to believe that there are other gods and goddesses in the entire universe. She takes pride in Japan and the major Kami but doesn't think Minor gods do 'much work', the goddess is bitter and finds the worst in anything.

Habits/Quirks: Smirking, rolling her eyes, hiding in weird places, making bitter remarks, picking at her food.

Likes: Major Kami gods, Yomi, the dead, mortals, Japan, pickled plums, umbrellas, reading

Dislikes: Demigods, Izanagi, Minor Kami gods, merpeople, the ocean, sunlight

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Family: Izanagi is her husband and she has lots of children.

Friends: No one is her friend.

Acquaintances: Not much people..

Associates: Who do you do business with?

Organizations: What groups are you in?

History: What are some important events in your history?

  • She and Izanagi are created at the beginning, they are assigned to create their first land.

    They are given a heavely crafted spear that is crafted with jewels, it is called  Ame-no-nuboko

    The two deities then went to the bridge between heaven and earth, and churned the sea below with the spear. Thus creating their very first island.

    The two new deities fell in love and built a pillar, along with a palace.

    Izanagi and Izanami circled the pillar in opposite directions and, when they met on the other side, Izanami spoke first in greeting. Izanagi did not think that this was proper, but they mated anyhow.

    The two deities had two children,  Hiruko ("leech-child") and Awashima ("faint island"), since they were very unnatractive they sent the two out to sea.

    Izanami and Izanagi begun to wed again, Izanagi speaking first and the marriage was successful. They bore islands afterwards, Awaji. Iyo (later Shikoku),Ogi, Tsukushi (later Kyūshū), Iki, Tsushima, Sado, Yamato (later Honshū)

    They bore more deities and islands..

    Izanami died giving birth to the child Kagu-Tsuchi (incarnation of fire) or Ho-Masubi (causer of fire). She was then buried on Mt. Hiba.

    Izanami arrives and Yomi and eats the food of the underworld, eventually becoming one of the dead.

    Her husband comes back for her and seeing that she's dead decides to run away.

    The goddess sends her son Raijin and an ugly hag after him

    After Izanagi escapes, Izanami vows to kill 1,000 mortals while her husband argues that he would give life to 1,500...

    Now Izanami rules the underworld.

Abilities: She Who Creates: Being the Goddess of creation and death, she can create anyone by hand. If the being she creates doesn't please her she can kill them. The Japanese would see these deaths as 'natural causes'.

Item: Amenonuhoko: The heavily crafted spear engraved with jewels, that was used to create Japan, Izanami uses this as a weapon and brings it everywhere with her.

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