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Oberon Vaerus

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Oberon Vaerus

Post by Cain on Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:46 pm

Name: Oberon Vaerus

Species: Illumni (Alpha Human)

Appearance: Peculiar to the rest of his race, Oberon is blessed to strange, violet eyes and crimson-colored hair. A generally svelte and slender form with light-brown skin and well defined facial features, Oberon is a very handsome if odd-looking young man. He seems to lack scars across his body when it is revealed, and very toned musculature. When wearing clothing he almost comes across as lanky and skinny. This is because his limbs are a little thinner than a normal human's, despite being as fit if not more so. In certain cases. This thinness actually lends itself to his height depreciation. He stands at a not-so-impressive five-feet-four inches.

In general, his defined features are sharp and pointed. He carries a generally ferocious appearance even when relaxed, even when he concentrates to make it appear differently. Despite his best efforts he has a hard time looking neutral and instead comes across as disliking everything when he says nothing about it. When he does speak up his general attitude is different than his appearance would indicate. He is much more jovial and light-heated than a first glance would reveal, with no real trouble behind him or grand destiny to weigh him down. He has a goal and he pursues it, and gets into various adventures and shenanigans along the way.

Age: 17

Personality: Generally jovial, Oberon enjoys pranks, sex, and pretty women. He rolls with the punches pretty easily and is fairly adaptable to given situations. He comes across as a bit of a wild child but doesn't actively seek to defy authority. He has difficulty focusing on tasks when placed before him unless they can be solved immediately- anything that requires a journey to resolve may take a few days longer than it should unless it is of the utmost importance. He is also lighthearted, capable of making jest or wisecracking about bad situations he finds himself in.

He carries himself with a strange amount of regal poise considering how much of a troublemaker he is known as. This is because he currently supports a doctrine of freedom for all, violating laws and social paradigms that he feels are repressive and damaging to the individuals within a given society. More than that he actively encourages those around him to cease all worship of "Gods" or things that would parade to be such or have historically demanded worship. He believes that within all beings is a divinity that can not be matched.

He is also young, and has not experienced a loss that he can actually recall. His mother and father are presumed dead as he was discovered in the forest by a cult calling themselves the Illumni. He was fairly well loved an disciplined by them, carrying their principles of "meaningful rebellion" on in his own right as he travels the land. The Illumni do not have a set home and instead are extremely nomadic, so travelling around Megalo and Iota are pretty standard fair to him. He also didn't realize until he left the cult that people could have hair colors other than Red and eye colors other than Violet.

He is new to the cultures he encounters as he has only just left the care of the Illumni on his pilgrimage. While each Illumni member has a different task based on their freedom of choice, he was given an additional choice: choose his task, or have it chosen. Ever curious, he volunteered to have the task that would be chosen for him. The elders tasked him with finding a distant village in Iota and vanquishing the Dragon that ruled it- something that Oberon eagerly accepted.

He frequently lets his mind wonder during travel and seems to makes friends or leave good impressions on those that actually converse with him. Those that witness his actions, however, are not so enthused, viewing him expressly as a blusterous rebel. While this is not untrue he acts primarily on judgement and not impulse. His strong belief in himself and freedom makes him extremely stubborn.

He doesn't have any darker aspects or strange lingerings to his personality. If anything the worst part is that he can tend to be self-absorbed and childish. However, his crusade for freedom is true and he feels a strong sense of righteousness in his actions, never bowing down even when all seems lost. He has been raised with the mentality of "many before one". This enables him to act without consideration for himself and do so without even slight hesitation.

He is somewhat easily duped but this is due to his young and naive nature. While not inherently prejudice he can seem that way as the stories he has been told about dragons are all but flattering, and as he has never actually met one is entirely convinced that every single on of them is a monster bent on dominating the weak. This doesn't factor into his perspective on them being as deserving as freedom as everybody else, but does affect his current perception of his quest.

All said and done, despite his determination to do what he believes is right, Oberon is deeply scared. He doesn't know if he can accomplish his goal, he doesn't know if he is strong enough, he doesn't know if he'll have any support or allies. He has no guarantees, no way to see into the future, and no way to tell if he'll fail. But he sincerely believes that he can create a freer tomorrow for everyone, and despite his fear has decided that the goal is worth pursuing, and even dying for.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Oberon is very precise with a bladed weapon, able to slice through hairs and coins in mid-air without disturbing their descent.

Despite being Human, Oberon has several factors that make him much more durable than his brethern. He can take truly impressive blows that would utterly mangle other humans with little more than a scuff or light bruise. 

Oberon, like all members of the Illumni, was born with an extremely powerful magical talent. The exact limits of this have not been explored by him, but is extremely skilled with Pyromancy and general applications of Fire. He also seem to have some inherent holy powers that come from his lineage.

Oberon is fairly agile, able to dodge and roll as well as run at a better pace than other humans. He is fairly difficult to hit for an opponent of similar talents.

Oberon does tire fairly easily in comparison to his kin, but is capable of outlasting normal humans for a bit longer than normal.

In general Oberon is only as strong as a normal human, but when applying his strength to his sword he seems to gain a titanic amount of power. While holding his sword, Oberon can cleave through solid stone as though it were no different than air.

Phoenix Blade "Coheed"- Enchanted with Pheonix fire, this blade is not only sharp but heated to ridiculous extremes when held by somebody of Pheonix descent. It is capable of super-heating the air and creating blasts of scalding-hot wind, as well as incinerating enemies on contact. It copies whatever immunities the user has against magic, and itself can not be destroyed by magic when held by a person of Pheonix descent.

Dragon Blade "Cambria"- Enchanted with Dragon Fury, this blade is not only sharp but nearly unbreakable when held by somebody of Dragon ancestry. It can also grow to up to double it's size in the span of an instant, catching foes off guard and slicing through them with utter ease. Named for it's obsidian coloration and prismatic effect. It copies whatever immunities the user has against magic, and itself can not be destroyed by magic when held by a person of Dragon ancestry.

Dafurai Armor "Shaman's Harvest"- Enchanted with Dafurai Cunning, this light armor imbues the wearer with the power to resist dark magic and curses when worn by a person of Dafurai lineage. It is capable of self-repair when damaged, and resists most forms of magic.  It copies whatever immunities the user has against magic, and itself can not be destroyed by magic when worn by a person of Dafurai Lineage.

Phoenix Descent: Thousands of years ago,a human and phoenix mingled. The distant off-spring contain a trace of the pheonix's power, being immune to fire and having an extreme, natural affinity for pyromancy. In this case, all things that would activate in the presence of a phoenix, would a affect a phoenix, or otherwise place phoenix-related conditions would apply to this character. In addition, he has immunity to fire and can not be burnt or incinerated, but with long enough exposure can be overheated.

Dragon Ancestry: Thousands of years ago,a human and dragon mingled. The distant off-spring contain a trace of the dragons's power, being unnaturally tough and skilled. In this case, all things that would activate in the presence of a dragon, would a affect a dragon, or otherwise place dragon-related conditions would apply to this character however, they lack the obvious Dragon weakness save for a nerve on the back of their necks which can render them limp.

Dafurai Lineage: Thousands of years ago,a human and dafurai mingled. The distant off-spring contain a trace of the dafurai's power,  having a penchant for wit and cunning alongside an affinity for sinister magics. In this case, all things that would activate in the presence of a dafurai, would a affect a dafurai, or otherwise place dafurai-related conditions would apply to this character.

Pyromancy: Oberon has a knack for playing with fire, and boy does it show. Able to call and manipulate phoenix fire with extreme grace, power, and ease lends itself to his ferocious presence. This fire is capable of incinerating those who can not resist magic very well, and is highly effective versus most dragons.

Paladin: Oberon has natural ability to manipulate holy forces, and as such can use powerful abilities to smite the undead, His most powerful holy ability can affect all the beings who would infringe upon the freedom of others, called "Reckoning".

Black Rite- Gorgon: ???

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