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Virtue Magic Idea

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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Yzxstuhl on Mon May 12, 2014 10:52 am

Virtue energy is essentially the inversion Sin Energy. It is the term given to the energies released when a being with a Spark feels positive emotions, most notably Joy, Love, Triumph and Pride. It is a fundamental aspect of life for those with a Spark, as without at least a minor dosage of Virtue energy after an extended period of time, the individual's spark will begin to weaken, causing their physical body to begin to suffer until they eventually biologically die. It should be noted that Virtue Energy is not the equal opposite of Sin Energy; Virtue energy is much weaker than Sin energy, but if a sufficient amount is stockpiled, it can be used to negate Sin energy.
Virtue energy, unlike it's Sin counterpart, is rarely found outside living dimensions, being generated by beings who have a Spark, and whilst faint pulses of it randomly appear throughout the void, the abundance of Sin energy in the void usually quickly cancels these pulses out.
Again, in contrast to its Sin counterpart, Virtue energy is a very finite form of energy, even more so due to the overabundance of Sin energy, which quickly destroys Virtue energy. Interestingly though, Virtue energy is produced by mortals like it's opposite, however it does so in 'packets' of energy; When a being with a spark becomes joyful, an amount of Virtue energy is spontaneously produced within them that is proportional to how joyful the subject is, and the Virtue energy immediately begins to deteriorate and diminish, which furthermore causes the subject's attitude to deteriorate in time with the Virtue energy. The only notable use for Virtue magic appears to simply affect how happy or pleased a subject is, and allows for Virtue energy to be moved from one subject to another, which is diminished due to ambient Sin energy. The only other use for the magic is as a mild Sin Eater deterrent, but even there it is mostly ineffective; due to this, it is a relatively untouched region of magic that has been forgotten due to its uselessness.

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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Re: Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Eclipse on Mon May 12, 2014 1:27 pm

Sorry to drop in here randomly like this but not sure if it's just a small thought error or not. But isn't Pride connected to Sin energy already...., would it rather be honor instead?


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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Re: Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Sloth on Mon May 12, 2014 4:12 pm

I'm at work, so I can't elaborate, but virtue energy and magic already exist. Maybe, you can make a species that feeds on virtue energy with these connotations?

Edit: Anyway, I understand this is meant to elaborate on what Virtue magic is, but if it is THAT useless and there is constantly less and less, due to Sin energy affecting it as such, then creatures which feed off Virtue energy likely would've evolved to not require Virtue energy.

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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Re: Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Emile Rivers on Mon May 19, 2014 3:19 pm

Bumping for discussion.
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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Re: Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Riley Oran on Wed May 21, 2014 12:43 am

I'll start with a personal interpretation of how I view Virtue Energy.

So, somewhere along the way Sin Energy became more prominent than Virtue Energy, commonly just called Virtue for the sake of saving syllables. Now, the reason is quite simple: 

Mortal, sentient creatures are the Key Producers of these psychic energies. Because of the stress of the typical mortal worlds, Sin Energy is far easier to produce than Virtue. People are simply, given their environments more prone to creating Sin Energy. It may sound somewhat cynical, but in general it's fairly reactive. Especially in the early days of the omniverse. The order we're familiar with has only been in existence for the last couples of tens of thousands of years compared to literally billions of years that the omniverse has existed.

During that time there have been all manner of atrocities committed by a variety of Gods, Demons, Angels and the forerunners to modern Sin Eaters. From oppression of entire dimensions to enforcing moral dogma upon groups of people, to killing others for food or in general causing havoc. There was a long period of many mortals essentially being playthings to higher entities. So, this negativity spawned an excess of Sin Energy. Overtime, it has accumulated and expanded to massive quantities. In fact, there is a marked difference in potency compared to the Sin Energy of a dimension and the ancient Sin Energy of the Void.

Virtue Energy has also existed for a long time, however. There may even be some spots in the Omniverse where it is more plentiful than Sin Energy, though Sin Energy leads it by more than a small margin. Literally, most of the Omniverse has Sin Energy permeating every nook and cranny. This leads to an interesting implication: the Omniversal Balance has been gradually shifting towards a more negative existence. 

While Virtue energy comes from the opposite processes of Sin Energy, they wouldn't cause destruction to one another. They aren't inherently opposites. They're closer to being two parts of a whole than totally opposite forces. Think Ethanol versus Gasoline, I guess.

That's just how I've seen it, so apply logic to this as you need.

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Virtue Magic Idea Empty Re: Virtue Magic Idea

Post by Sponsored content

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