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Kingdom Hearts: Shattered Kingdom

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Kingdom Hearts: Shattered Kingdom Empty Kingdom Hearts: Shattered Kingdom

Post by Pinky_Rose on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:56 pm

Kingdom Hearts: Shattered Kingdom Test2_zps61d57f02
(Credits to this awesome gif go to Terra of KHSK!)

Nothingness may very well be eternal...
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(Go ahead and link back! We can be friends, amigos, フレンズ, amis, awọn ọrẹ, or 'homies'.)

The time of destiny is coming. The x-Blade's moment of return to the front stage of the worlds is at hand. The Xehanorts, numbering twelve and lacking only one of their group, The Princesses of Heart, and the Keyblade Guardians now stand on the pinnacle of what could be the world's final hour...ALL world's final hour.

The steady power of the light has returned worlds once under the protection of the Goddess Cosmos: The Lost Realms, their denizens free to roam the worlds. Some will choose to aid the Keyblade Guardians. Others may side with Master Xehanort. Some still may go out on their own journey.

Only time will tell the outcome of our story...but how much of it truly remains?

KHSK is a dedicated Role Playing Forum, who's goal is a toxic-free environment to just hang out and have fun. We are extremely open, and freedom is a pillar of our values. A collective group from fallen RPing sites has come together for a friendly and outgoing community that is guaranteed to become a part of your heart. (Oh ho ho, so clever with the puns!)

Advertisement by: *Terra*

(This forum's mine. I've scooped up a bunch of people from the broken KH forums around the internet, and we're all chilling here. Yes I am shamelessly promoting my forum. Yes, I already have Genesis listed as an affiliate...the very first that isn't promotion-based. Feel free to stop by.)

"I can't stand people who RP characters, trying to become 'important' on a website. Honestly, none of us ever really...cared about being important. We weren't trying to. It just happened. For all of that 'importance', I really credit people who wrote interesting, sensible characters for that universe and just...interacted with others in the way they thought the characters would, both canon and oc. You can have a million posts, and still have a character that's bland and accomplished nothing.
A good character is created with a good foundation, good development...and most importantly, great interaction. Without one of those things, you'll never go anywhere."

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