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Dissident Timeline (3rd)

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Dissident Timeline (3rd)

Post by Cain on Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:47 pm

Five-Thousand Years Ago

The String Incident: A dimension that had mastered intra-dimensional travel had many years later invented a material created from compressed pocket dimensions (each dimension a mirror of the true reality) It manifested as a type of fabric in its prototypical stage, but presence of the Heaven Gates (the means of intra-dimensional travel on the planet) caused a destabilizing effect. Once the material passed through the Gates a Resonance Event occurred with every compressed pocket dimension. The intensified Resonance utterly obliterated the dimensional walls and cut off many souls from The Core, killing billions instantly. With the walls shattered, the dimension was invaded by Sin Eaters.

  • Sin Eaters became capable of possessing Living Hosts. The possessed Tethers were able to avoid mental control and use their powers as they saw fit
  • The Tether of Guilt Sera was taken by the Possessed into the depths of the void
  • The Tether of Courage sacrifices himself and keeps the dimension from totally collapsing
  • Cain begins his search for the missing Tether
  • The Sin Eater "Pain" is born, and vanishes into The Void
  • The Sin Eater "Lust" is born, and creates a pocket dimension based on indulgent desires

Fate's Decree: Fate warns Cain that ramifications will come of Sera's abduction, but is unclear on the exact nature of the event

Lust's Gambit: Lust moves into Ryuu's empire and attempts to forge a pact with him. Ryuu refuses, fearing Lust's nature would bring ruin to his universe. In spite, Lust tries to wage war against Ryuu but ultimately fails. Lust then begins to lure travels to his pocket dimension, in the hopes that one of them has the needed power to stand against Ryuu.

  • Two humans become the first known mortals to enter the void and return to their dimension without suffering from the Schrodinger Effect or Void Shock

Induction of Sera: After centuries of torment at the hands of the Sin Eaters and the Possessed, Sera has totally lost her rational thought but gained immense power from constant exposure to the Sin Eaters. Pain releases Sera from her torment, and she creates a pocket dimension from which she can enslave the lesser Gods.

  • Gods start to go missing one by one. Eternity confirms they are alive, but Fate can not find their whereabouts
  • Cain stops his search for Sera, and begins searching for the missing Gods and is joined by Ryuu
  • Lust attempts a coup in Ryuu's territory
  • Cain and Ryuu locate Sera's pocket dimension and discover the fate of the Gods as Sera's slaves. A decision is made to bring Sera down, but entering her pocket dimension proves to be nigh impossible
  • Cain spends the next several centuries searching for a power strong enough to penetrate Sera's Pocket Dimension

The Opposite of Omnipotence: After a search that seems to be without end, Cain encounters a young man named Jinsei. Jinsei is beyond an anomaly in the universe-- he is the literal personification of Nonexistence, a very paradox in his own life. Cain sees not just the potential to defeat Sera, but the potential to serve as a deterrent to rogue Gods within him and takes him under his wing

  • Using Jinsei, Cain and Ryuu manage to infiltrate Sera's pocket dimension and subdue her
  • Sera casts a final curse across time and space, and it afflicts Ryuu's most recently born living mortal relative
  • For the first time in existence a spark is taken from Death by a dimension and the body is restored to life
  • A protracted search begins to find out what happened to Sera's final curse, and Lust plots to recruit Jinsei

The Hunter's Bounty: Lust recruits "The Hunter" to capture Jinsei

  • Jinsei evades the Hunter and seeks Training from Ryuu
  • The Hunter and Ryuu Clash, and the Hunter is defeated despite having "Freedom"
  • Lust is subdued, and Ryuu extends an olive branch to him in the name of piece. Lust accepts

The Crisis Breach: When an experiment in the world of Crisis creates a breach into Amara, The Amaranth discover he portal into their world from the other. They launch an investigation of the strange passageway and discover the alternate world, and spend the next ten years scouting and gathering information on it

Dissident War: Ryuu's relative whom Sera cursed, Jericho, becomes a monster of destruction. He gains the power of Freedom, and spreads his curse to billions of beings. All of these beings lose their souls, but gain Freedom in exchange.

  • The Gods are unable to immediately suppress the event, as too many beings possessed Freedom to be subdued
  • Jericho and another 'human' Dissident, Alexander, were trapped in the underworld to be tried
  • Alexander was found guilty, but Jericho interrupted the Trial. Jericho subsequently allowed Alexander to defeat him, and bestowed upon Alexander the power called Enlightenment
  • The fearful aspects of Eternity, Fate, and Death bound Alexander in the depths of hell against Cain and Ryuu's protests. The surviving Dissidents scattered through all realities

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